#1 Tip on Designing And Creating A Website


Joe Troyer: Let’s see. Sergio says, “Looking for good roofing and siding website templates or samples. Where do you suggest a place to look?” Great question. So you get hired by a local business or any type of business out there, excuse me, to build them a website. Where do you start? I’ll tell you that for me, Sergio, when I’m at the drawing board so to speak, trying to figure it out, I’m going to go see what the competition is doing. What I’m going to do typically Sergio, is I’m going to go look at like the top 20 markets or top 30 markets in the US, right? So I’m going to go, you know if I’m looking for roofing websites, I’m going to go pull up a list of the top 100 most highly populated cities in the US, right? And I’m going to copy and paste from that list.

Joe Troyer: I’m going to go New York Roofer, right? And I’m going to go open the first page and maybe the second page results. I’m just going to start making a swipe file, right? And I would just go through there. Everyone that I don’t like, I’m just going to exit out, right? Close the tab. Everyone that I do like, I would throw in as a bookmark. After I got 10 or 15 of those, then I would kind of narrow it down from there. I’d figure out what themes are they using, what are the color schemes, what do I like, what don’t I like? And that’s going to kind of give me the blueprint for the site that I want to create. Okay? And I never rip off a a hundred percent, right? Like I’ll say, “I really like this color scheme, but I like this layout better.” And then I’ll adapt from there. All right? I’ll find that this site is using a theme and I’ll find that theme, and that gives me a great starter layout, right? Then I’ll go about customizing the color scheme and making it my client’s. I hope that helps, Sergio.

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