Are There Any Negatives In Building Too Many Citations?


Joe Troyer: Next question comes from Matthew Bennett and he asks are there any negatives in building too many citations? And honestly, it’s a great question. I read it and I’m like, yeah should I answer this? I don’t know. And at the end of the day, I think it’s actually a good question. I think that you’ve gotta use your noggin and at a certain point, it’s probably looked at strange if you just keep building citations. Right? If it’s not normal. And to give perspective, I order 300 citations for each client or project that I’ve billed out so if I’m gonna go start marketing on a brand new domain,, I will go set up a [G&B] and immediately after I get it set up, while I’m still waiting for the postcard, I’m gonna go order 300 citations. So I do 300 but understand that not all 300 will get indexed. Period. End of story.

Joe Troyer: Some will get indexed but not stay indexed. So just wanna give you a little perspective in terms of what’s even a potential number, like maybe a 150 get indexed ever, and the 150 don’t. Maybe it’s more like 200. So just don’t go crazy with it. I wouldn’t do more than 300 if I were you. Do 300 but then the next thing that I would do is the ones that do get indexed, and you can get to indexed one time, I would stay on top of those and monthly do a citation audit and an indexing audit and try to see how many of those are still indexed and how many of those are still live. Right? And put some effort into each and every month checking on that because if you don’t ever check on them again and you aren’t actively trying to insure that they’re staying indexed, they’re gonna drop off and that list of say 200 citations got indexed is probably gonna be down to 50 in less than a year. Seriously.

Joe Troyer: Just by you doing a monthly audit, that number could be 150. Could be 175. And on Digital Trigger is the io on the blog we have a is the step by step process literally for you, as well as talking about how we get things to get indexed and how we get them to stay indexed.

Joe Troyer: So if you need that, that sounds good to you, go check that out,

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