Benefits of Fasting


Joe Troyer: So next up, I want to talk real quick, and we got to wrap this up, but I want to talk about the benefits of fasting, right? So at the end of the day, I want you guys to think about this. Okay. Did our ancestors right, did our ancestors have the ability to graze all day long every day? Right? Did our ancestors eat 12 meals a day? Eat 10 meals a day, eat 6 meals a day? Like we’ve been taught to, like we’ve been told to, no. Right? Did our ancestors have all the medical problems that we have today? No. right. So, um, you know, did, did our ancestors that our ancestors have fridges in coverage packed with highly processed foods, right? That can literally last for years without us eating. And obviously the answer is no. So at the end of the day, like when, when you start implementing some fasting, um, it’s gonna help you guys kick, kind of that, that, that, that need or that inkling to, to always be hungry, to always be feeding, to be a grazer.

Joe Troyer: And instead you can turn into a feaster. Right. And I believe that that’s how our ancestors lived, right? They didn’t always, they didn’t always, you know, um, you know, kill an animal and be able to eat right. To be frank, to be a little gory, right? Like they didn’t always just be able to eat at noon everyday. Right. They went through, they went through points of feasting and they went through a point of famine and they went through points of not eating for a couple of hours. Right. And they’ve done crazy, crazy lab experiments on mice, that have like horrible diseases quite literally. Okay. And they have quite frankly, just put them in an eating window, right? And saying like, you’re going to fast to the rice and controlled when they are to the mice and controlled when they’ve gotten food and they’d beat the diseases. So frankly, like for me, I don’t really believe in what society has taught us and what the supplements have sold. All of us, all the supplement companies about needing protein all the time. And you need to have, you know, six meals a day.

Joe Troyer: I don’t believe it. I think it’s bullshit. I think it was fed by, not this company, but supplement companies, right? Protein companies, companies that wanted to sell a shit in the same goes for, for grains, frankly. Right? Did our old ancestors used to eat grains all the time? No. Right. They would feed that shit to the stuff that they ate. Okay. So, you know, uh, I think that we’ve all been sold just like a lot of cases, a line of bullshit. And I believe that the worst drugs out there, right? Our grains and sugars and they’re effecting, uh, so many people worldwide. And so for me, that’s where I kind of draw the line. And that’s where I stand. Um, so the thing I will leave you with guys, and again, another thing that I didn’t know is that you can go past just the 16:8 fast and go past the Omad and you can do some, some longer fasts as well.

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