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Hi my name is Ben Pate and I’ve been managing AdWords for clients for over 8 years now and $10 million worth of ad spend.  I’ve spent plenty of time in the trenches and had my business almost fail overnight.  Speaking all this time on the front line, I slowly noticed different problems I was having with my business.  I set out to create solutions to these problems to make the AdWord managing business much more smooth and seamless.

In this post, I’ll be going over how I’ve automated and systematized my own business from REAL problems I was having.

New Business Disappeared Overnight

Problem: Most new leads came from referrals and the largest referral source disappeared.

Back when I first started, I was getting all my leads from referrals. I thought it was great until I realized it wasn’t scalable and repeatable. I was at someone else’s mercy. And one day the hammer dropped and my biggest referral sources dried up because they got greedy and decided to take it in-house. My business LITERALLY almost crumbled overnight. My back was up against the wall with a staff that depended on me. That was when I put my stake in the ground and decided that I would never solely rely on referrals again. I had to find a way to prospect for clients. I hated cold calling but I did it anyway. Then when I eventually got someone on the phone I clammed up and didn’t know what to say because I felt like I was going against the grain trying to be some slick salesman that I’m just not. That’s when I created my value first, selling model. Instead of selling, I was helping. I used my God-given talents to help instead of sell and that’s when things began to fall into place. 

Solution: PPC Prospector

  • Easily find high-value PPC clients
  • Quickly find businesses with problems
  • Mini-audit report
  • Customizable and white labeled

After some time of prospecting manually, I built some software to automate the whole process.  It’s called the PPC Prospector and if you’re looking for new clients, then the PPC Prospector is going to be your new go-to client catcher tool. The PPC Prospector easily uncovers HIGH-value PPC prospects and it QUICKLY identifies the ones that need your help the most. The ones’ that will thank you for your meeting with them. The worse off THEY are the more they NEED YOU. Here’s a news flash. There are millions of them and only one of YOU! Once the PPC Prospector identifies all the pain points it generates a professional looking report that we call the mini-audit and it’s completely customizable and is easily white labeled for your business. The PPC Prospector and the mini-audit is going to become your new favorite prospecting tool.

Here’s what some of the select few that have used the tool have said about it.

Lane Houk with Think Big Enterprises says, “Using PPC Prospector has helped me and my team land several large accounts and manage them well. More than paid for the price tag in my first client acquisition.”

Haru Luker says he signed up 2 new accounts and has more prospect meetings on the way. He LOVE’s the mini-audit.

More Clients Than We Could Handle

Problem: New clients were flowing in but our client reporting process is inefficient.

We simplified and automated the PPC prospecting process. Clients began flowing in but then we quickly got bogged down in the weeds with client reporting. Proving your worth with reporting is absolutely crucial. At first, I made these Excel spreadsheets with several different sheets. Lots and lots of data that turned into lots and lots of questions from the client. They would ponder over the reports for days and call me throughout the week to explain different sections again. I knew there had to be a better way.

Solution: Stats Reporting

  • Automate reporting (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Easily see key performance indicator changes
  • White labeled for your business

 I automated and simplified the process yet again with the Stats Reporting tool. Whenever your client wants to meet you’re going to run this tool to see “how you’re doing”. The report is client friendly and easy to understand.  It’s a one-page customizable white labeled report that shows the progress gained or lost from one month to the next. You can even automate this on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and it can even email it to your client from your email address. Let me show you a quick sample report.

stats reportingShown about is what the report looks like when you view it in the dashboard. It also generates a printer friendly HTML or PDF version. So if you want to email your client a PDF, no problem. If you want to upload an HTML version to your server, no problem. As I said before, this is a one-pager that your client will most likely comprehend without you even explaining anything. That’s how I like to do things. For example, you see the “change” column with the percentages. If the change is green that’s a good thing, if it’s red that’s a bad thing. Like I said easy peasy. But don’t take my word for it…

Mike G, says the reporting module has greatly helped his ROI and has also made it easy to generate, understand and communicate the necessary KPI’s to his clients.

Managing A Large Team is No Small Task

Problem:  More clients meant more workers and we needed a way to simplify management.

We automated and simplified the prospecting, the client reporting, but now we needed a way to simplify the management of our workers or outsourcers. We found ourselves constantly wondering exactly what changes were being made to the account. Sure, Google Adwords has a change history log but we found this data to be too granular and overkill for what we needed. That’s why we created the Changes tool.

Solution: Changes

  • Bird’s eye view of account changes
  • Know what your team has been doing
  • Know what your team has NOT been doing

The Changes tool aggregates the important changes to the account, it’s a bird’s eye view of the account. We built this for the management of our workers but we quickly realized this was also a powerful prospecting tool, at least when the current PPC management team was asleep at the wheel just collecting their management fees. You’re going to be amazed at what you find when you run this tool. Let’s take a look at what the report looks like.

Changes exampleThis is changes tool interface. You can see a nice graph and table that show the aggregate changes that occurred over a 7, 14 and 30 day period. So you instantly know if your team’s been working diligently all month or NOT. In one quick glimpse you can see how many campaigns, ad groups, keywords, keyword match types, negatives, and ads have changed over the month. Look at those red 0’s under the Negatives! Ouch! Once again you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand this report. Just like the other tools, you can also generate a print-friendly professional report to show your client. I’ve never seen another tool that gives you the visibility into an account like this before. Easily keep tabs on your team with Changes tool. And don’t forget to use this when you’re trying to win an account from another agency. The redder 0’s you see the better chance you have to get them to jump ship!

Key Process is Slowest

Problem: The longest process and key to our business, The Audit, still took several hours to do manually.

We simplified nearly the entire process but we still found ourself doing probably the longest process manually. The Audit. The first thing we do when onboarding a new client or trying to win over a prospect that has given us access to their Adwords account is performed an account audit. The account audit uncovers the true opportunity for improvement in the account and clues us in how good or bad of shape the account is in.

Solution: My Adwords Audit

  • Easy to understand the report
  • Complete an audit in seconds not hours
  • Know what needs improvement

So we bit the bullet and spent over 6 months going back and forth with Google to get approved for their Google Adwords API service. We were finally approved and after another 6 months of programming, we had automated 90% of the audit process. We call it My Adwords Audit. My Adwords Audit is going to save you tons of time and money by allowing you to perform an audit in seconds instead of hours. And you’re going to know instantly where the account needs improvement and look like a rockstar.  So far our users of the tool have gotten incredible results.

Dustin from PPC Professionals says the mini and full audits make him look great to clients while saving his team hours of time.

Here are a couple more raving reviews. In just two weeks after using our Audit process, Joel closed two audits worth $450 and then will continue to make $600 per month for managing the account.

There’s Dustin again, he just got another two clients thanks to My Adwords Audit. He loves how it positions him as the expert.

Let me show you some sections of a My Adwords Audit sample report. It does some serious number crunching but I promise to keep it brief.

Here is the account summary section which gives you a birds-eye view of the number of campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads. It also shows you 90-day metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, an average cost per conversion and average monthly spend. Get access to an account and in seconds know what’s the metrics looks like.

Campaign settings are one of the biggest areas that go wrong because of Google’s default settings that work in their favor, not yours. My Adwords Audit reviews settings such as networks, devices, ad scheduling, ad rotation, and conversion tracking. I’m not going to explain them in detail because all you need to know is red is bad and green is good. 

Knowing if your ad groups are built properly is key to high-quality score. My Adwords audit reviews factors such as multiple ads, keywords and split testing. Look at all that red!

Keywords are the cornerstone to any good PPC strategy. Mess up your keywords and your whole account will suffer. My Adwords Audit does all the heavy lifting for you dissecting metrics such as match types, quality score, approval status, and negative keywords. If best practices are followed then you’ll see green if not red.

The last section that My Adwords Audit reviews are whether or not ads have been maximized for optimal efficiency. My Adwords Audit checks if ad extensions have been properly utilized or if there are any ads that are disapproved which can hurt your account and lastly whether or not display URLs have been optimized.

Fake Clicks Create Heros

Problem: An ex-husband that owned a competing business was continuously clicking on our client’s ads to drive up her budget.

After we simplified and automated all of our processes we gained a client that had a unique problem that was new to us. Her ex-husband owned a competing business and was raging war on her campaigns by continuously clicking her ads to drive up her budget. This is called click fraud. Of course, we knew of click fraud, what it was, but until now we never had to deal with it first hand at least not quite like this. So we installed a special code on our client’s site to track the IP addresses of the hits, after downloading a report of IP addresses that clicked our ads, we then ran it through another software to give us some more information on these IP addresses. Then we exported the data to a spreadsheet. Then we needed to constantly filter and sort spreadsheets with thousands of rows… well, you get the idea. Needless to say, we were spending hours and hours and hours looking for what felt like a needle in a haystack. This was such a big deal to this client that we essentially became experts in identifying and reporting click fraud. We knew we were on to something when our client received over a $700 credit to her account because of click fraud that we reported. Can you say Hero status?

Solution: Click Fraud Tracking

  • Know Who’s Clicking Your Ads
  • Track IP Address, ISP, Geo Location
  • Export your data
  • Report to Google and receive credit* (*Credit is not guaranteed and is at Google’s discretion

Just like everything else we simplified and automated this process with our click fraud tracking tool. Click fraud tracking allows you to know exactly who is clicking your ads and gives you all the data you need to report it to Google which may lead to a credit. You can even then exclude those IP addresses from seeing your ads altogether, so your competition thinks they’ve won and you’ve given up.

Here are a couple of screenshots from credits Google has given us or our clients as a result of reporting the invalid clicks back to Google. There’s one for $215, one for $150 and another for $93.

Here’s what the interface looks like. Instead of needing to sort and filter thousands of rows in a spreadsheet, the Click Fraud tool has a suspicious filter that does all the number crunching for you. Any IP address that’s clicked your ad more than twice in a 24 hour period is considered suspicious.

Look at that. We’ve been clicked over 20 times by one IP address. We’ve made it easy to collect the data. Now all that’s left is reporting it to Google for a potential credit.
Jeff from AskSolutions, was ecstatic when he got a $500 credit for his client. He says he looked like a hero and he also really impressed Google with the detail he was able to provide. That’s how you get a client for life.



So lets do a quick recap, when you sign up for the ppcbizbox, you’re going to receive the PPC Prospector Adobe Air application which works on both mac and pc that is going to make your prospecting a breeze, you get the click fraud tracking, the stats reporting for easy client reports, the changes tool so you do not know what’s happening in the account and My Adwords Audit which cuts your account audit time down from hours to minutes. The member’s area also contains tutorial videos on how to use and navigate each tool but if you ever get stuck then additional support is just a support ticket, live chat or phone call away.

Now if you like you me, you like to know all your options and what else is out there. As you can see from this comparison matrix, no other tool has all the features of the PPCBizBox. Other tools that come close sell for as little as $349 per month to thousands per month. The problem is most of these tools are designed exclusively for big agencies with hundreds of PPC clients. Most of these just aren’t realistic or practical for the local marketing consultant that’s trying to build their business and find clients. That’s where the PPCBizBox steps in…

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