Building A Private Blog Network Overview

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  1. Lonnie Sallas

    Joe..if you could cover in detail how you register the domains (fake or real profile), that would be great.

  2. Steve Maitland

    Hey Joe great valued advice as always. I would be interested in how I can use syndwire to bring in social signals in a natural manor to my pbns, as this will boost the pbns and create that social buzz google is looking for

    All the best


  3. Ian

    My two questions are, how many links would you generate from each PBN, and is it okay to cover more than one niche per site? Thanks, buddy

    • Joe Troyer

      Hey Ian thanks for the comment, will work that in

  4. Mike O'Neil

    Still not done implementing what I got from the Palm Beach PAM session, but I guess I’ll take another suck on the firehose.

    1. List of areas where paranoia about Google tracking your PBN and related behavior is justified (ie domain registrations. hosting. posting while logged into Gmail, etc). Which of these really do matter and which are just needless worrying?

    2. What is a sane strategy for links to a money site from the PBN: how many links posted how often is ‘natural’, how many links from each PBN site until its too many from that one site?

    3. What is the PBN sites to money sites ratio that makes sense….ie if you plan to have 100 money sites, how many PBN sites do you need to plan on having?

    4. Can all your PBN sites be wordpress, and if not, what % can be? Just easier to work with one platform as much as possible, but I have heard of WP being a footprint in and of itself (combined with other factors).

    5. What is your core essential tools for managing all this…ok, i’ll go ahead and list Syndwire and Launchpad, so beyond those 🙂

    thanks again for the WPB PAM session, it was fantastic.

    • Joe Troyer

      Hahahah great to see you here Mike!!

      I will be sure to include all your questions!

      Great having you at the event, don’t be a stranger!

  5. Robert

    It seems to me the private blog acquisition is the most difficult part of this because of the expense.
    Where to purchase these without mortgaging my home is the question I have.

    • Joe Troyer

      Hahaha Robert great point I’ll be sure to cover budgeting – from domains to ongoing cost

  6. Steve Maitland

    Hey Joe, Great idea doing this PBN stuff. My question is ! How do we power up our PBNS using Syndwire. as Google is now looking more towards social authority signals. backlinks from old PBNS will be a little on the stale side.

  7. Jax Atts

    What do you think of hosting all your PBN’s on Host Nine using custom DNS, like

  8. Pat Amunson

    Hey Joe, do you have any update as to when you will be cover the PBN Pods concept more thoroughly? I think i have an idea of how it works but I’d like to be 100% certain. Your videos always help me when I’m confused. Thanks!!

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