Buying PBN Domains Training #2



  1. Tommy

    Great info Joe! Can you get us a deal on Revive? 😉 Looks like it’s full price now,

    • Joe Troyer

      Hey @Tommy Let me see what kind of hook up I can get you 😉

    • Robert

      Tommy, while Source Revive may seem like a lot to spend (and it is) keep in mind, you could take a one month subscription and quite possibly collect (scrape) all the domains you could ever need.

  2. Robert

    Okay Joe. So you managed to get 10 PBNs for $7 or $8 each. Quite a bargain.
    While you did share PBN sources you forgot to share where you got the ones you purchased.
    Only that you, “..setup some services to go out and scrap and find …” domains for you
    What services did you use?

    • Joe Troyer

      Dont worry Robert were not done yet 😉

  3. Keith Flaherty

    If i have 1 PBN can i use that PBN for more than 1 niche

    • Joe Troyer

      Hey @Keith Flaherty:disqus we will get into linking to your money sites in the 3rd video

      • Keith Flaherty

        ok thx. Damn im so confused on pointing sites to the money site from the PBN’s. I almost need to see it done to understand it I’m probably making it complicated like you say.

        • Keith Flaherty

          The reason why im saying this is i ranked sites to #1 but never made a penny so it makes me think im doing something wrong. But then again i never used a PBN to do it.

  4. Vision Development Expert

    I’m so thankful for these pbn trainings…I’m reviewing them each day until I get it down packed. Thanks Joe for being so generous!

    • Joe Troyer

      You got it 😉 Happy to help

  5. Mike Sireci

    Hey Joe, You mention that you really prefer domcop over registercompass. I checked on it a bit and it looks like there’s multiple membership levels. do you have a recommendation on which level we should subscribe to? Thanks.

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