Can I Use One Google Account For 10 GMB Locations?


Joe Troyer: Dan asks, “What are your thoughts on using one account to manage several Google My Businesses?” Wait for it. I just pulled 10 in one area, and I was going to use one Gmail account for all 10 of these locations. Wait for it, wait for it.

Joe Troyer: Hell no, Dan. Don’t you ever do that. Nobody on the phone should ever do that. Nobody watching this video on YouTube should ever do this.

Joe Troyer: Here’s why. I’ll tell you a little story. I have a agency friend of mine that I have helped coach, has a very successful local marketing business. His team consists of an intern, one full-time kind of more manager, ops manger, a client manager type of role, in the office, and then either two or three virtual assistants. Very highly profitable business. By now probably doing either 60 or 70 thousand dollars a month, recurring, with very little cost to goods sold.

Joe Troyer: Because they’re doing Google My Business and Local SEO, they have very high profit margins, right? Their investment is their labor, and their systems and processes.

Joe Troyer: They didn’t follow my direction, and they winded up getting screwed. So, here’s the deal, yo. They have lots and lots of clients using Google My Business. They were using the manager function inside of Google My Business, and they had one account, one Gmail account, that was a manger for all of their clients’ accounts.

Joe Troyer: Their team started getting happy, I’ll call it, let’s call it trigger happy, inside the account, in optimizing all of their business accounts like crazy. Right? Like, all day, every day. In and out of accounts, optimizing this, optimizing that. And it looked suspicious to Google.

Joe Troyer: So, who can guess what happened? Let me know in the chat. $250 American Express travel privileges voucher in the chat to whoever can guess what happened. What happened?

Joe Troyer: Lindsay Harvey! Crash. Lindsay, send me your email, and I’ll shoot you that 250 bucks in AmEx travel privileges.

Joe Troyer: Shut down. Their account got shut down. What do you guys think happened to each and every one of their clients’ accounts? True story, folks. Done.

Joe Troyer: Hey, Lindsay, will you just send me your email one more time? It looks like there’s a spelling mistake in there. I just want to verify it for you, okay? Make sure I don’t send it to the wrong person.

Joe Troyer: So, folks, when it comes to Google My Business, you want to think about what’s suspicious. What wouldn’t be normal. And yes, he did end up getting his account back, and he did get all of his clients’ accounts unsuspended, but folks, it took a long time. It literally took weeks, and his clients were panicking and freaking out. Their businesses tanked. Right? And he was the one to blame.

Joe Troyer: So, just be very, very careful, okay? Yeah, you don’t mess with Google.

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