Do Gmail Ads That Go In The Promotions Folder Work?


Joe Troyer: All right, the next question says, “Gmail ads only go in the Promotions folder, not primary, so do they work?” Yes, they work. Understand that they’re not a magic bullet though, it’s just one more place to get in front of your ideal audience. That’s what any platform … any advertising platform is just another chance. Will it work? Yes, but that’s gonna rely a lot on you. What is that messaging? What do you have on the landing page? How are you selling them? How are you getting a return? The devil’s in the details. Will x platform work? Yeah, but will you make it work? Who knows? I’m getting clicks right now from Gmail ads. Would I say that they work? Yes, and I’m getting opt-ins from Gmail ads. Yes. Am I getting sales? I haven’t got to the point yet where I’ve even gotten enough leads from Gmail ads specifically to get a sale.

Joe Troyer: But, that’s the other thing to know is you should be comparing a traffic source to another traffic source. If you’ve never run any traffic sources, you have nothing to compare them to. Work it, figure it out, get it working at any cost, then move to the next traffic source. Now you have something to compare it to. Now you know when you might be getting in trouble. My opt-in is converting at less than 10%, there’s gonna be a problem. There’s a hole you gotta fill. Do they work? Yes, they work. Second, they actually show up in Social and Promotional inside of Gmail. Just a little technical point there.

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