Do you do any prospecting on LinkedIn or just via cold email?


Joe Troyer: Next up, John asks question number two, “Do you do any prospecting on LinkedIn, or just via cold email?”

Joe Troyer: So, do every frickin source that you can. Prospect with every source. Make cold calls, make referral calls. Do Facebook ads, do Google ads, do cold email, do LinkedIn. Do LinkedIn ads, do LinkedIn messaging. You should be doing all of those things.

Joe Troyer: Now, obviously the challenge is doing all of those things at once. I would never recommend that. You want to focus on one prospecting method at a time. You want to get it working, okay? Get it working. Don’t give up on it in two days, three days, a week, a month. Get one working. Build a system around it with your team, so that you can hand it off to your team, and then you move on to the next one. Rinse and repeat. So, figure out how to make cold email work, it’s working great. Fantastic. Outsource it to your team, put the systems in place. Figure out how and where to check in, so that you can ensure everything’s running smoothly without you. And then simply move on to building the system for the next source of traffic.

Joe Troyer: And play to your strengths. Play to your strengths. Guys, I can tell you, playing to my strengths, I don’t write well. I don’t. How many of you guys saw me today, in today’s email, misspell swear? I just don’t write well. I’m better on video. So, why do I do a lot of video? Because that’s what I’m good at. You guys don’t ever see huge long sales pages from me. Why? Because I’m not good at writing. It’s not a strength of mine. You can put me on camera, I’m like a monkey, I can dance all day. But I can’t sit down and just write.

Joe Troyer: So, focus on your strengths in everything. But in prospecting, think about that too. What are you going to be good at? What do you have the best chance at succeeding with?

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