Do You Recommend Putting NAP On YouTube Playlist Description?


Joe Troyer: Dave asks when doing SEO on a YouTube channel, if the niche is local, do you recommend putting name, address, phone number, or NAP, on the playlist descriptions?

Joe Troyer: So I’ve talked in a lot of these videos and a lot of the AMAs about putting your NAP, your name, your address, and your phone number everywhere if you’re a local business because that’s a citation, and citations help you rank inside of Google Maps for your money keyword phrases. This is kind of a follow-up question to that, so if you have a YouTube channel and you’re optimizing it, right, and you want to rank in Google Maps should you put your NAP, your name, address, and phone number on the playlist descriptions, and the answer is yes.

Joe Troyer: Put it everywhere that you fricking can. Think of every citation that you get out there as a vote of confidence in the business that you’re building the citation for, but heed this with caution, right? That doesn’t mean that you should have it on 50 thousand pages all across the internet, and I say that because I feel like I have to. I’ve seen people quite literally do that and then go, “Why did my Google My Business get suspended. Why am I not ranking?” You got to use some common sense too. The question you got to ask is, is this normal? Would that be normal? No, it wouldn’t be normal, so why would you do it. Right? It’s just not normal.

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