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Today we have on Konstantinos the Founder of

He discusses with us the challenges of growing a creative service based business.

We deep dive into the psychology behind ‘Doodle’ style videos and why they work so well.

I find out where he got his initial customers and how he’s grown the business since. I was impressed to find out he did a lot of the drawings himself initially so that he could understand the process.

His free consultations close at an astounding rate so I had him break down just how their process works. He also details how he trains his sales agents plus the initial failure he had with paid traffic.

He shares a few tips for being in the creative side of the service business such as…

  • Learning how to manage people the right way.
  • Understanding the process.
  • Business, audience, and what you’re selling.
  • Copywriter and approval. Storyboard approval.
  • Specific flow for the project.