FHL Takeaway #5: There’s No Clear Public Ascension Model


Usman Ahmad: Takeaway number five. There is no clear public ascension model with us. We don’t give you the idea of what to buy next, or what you guys are gonna get next. As for Russell Brunson with Funnel Hacking Live, he lays out everything for you. He tells you that you’re going get this book to start at $17.99. Then, you are going to get this book at $34.99. Then, you will be coming to his event for $1000. Then, you will be joining his Mastermind for $25,000. I think that’s a little crazy, but he lays it out and he, honest to god, closed almost, I want to say 120 people on stage to purchase his $25,000 Mastermind. What do you guys think about that? Isn’t that crazy?

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