[Fix] Google Ads Call Only Reporting WRONG?!?!


Joe Troyer: All right, all right. The next question is from Dave [Manaville 00:00:05], or [Manville 00:00:07]. Dave says, “My call only campaign is reporting a different number of clicks than I’m seeing in my call tracking platform. What’s the best way to dispute this with Google, or address the concern with my clients?”

Joe Troyer: Folks, at the end of the day your clicks, and your reporting in Google Ads in terms of clicks on call only ads and call tracking, those two data sources are never going to show the same number. Quite literally, will never show the same number, right? The reason that they won’t show the same number is, Google charges you, and the reason is, is that Google charges you per click, right? Your call tracking shows calls, right?

Joe Troyer: Even on call only, when somebody hits on mobile, they do a search for, “Dentist in Miami.” Or, “Cosmetic dentist,” and then your ad comes up for your client, right? It’s got a little phone icon, and they click on it. That doesn’t just start calling immediately. It doesn’t start ringing. It shows up a popup on the phone, right? That asks if the caller then wants to call the number. It’s either like, call or end, right? You gotta understand, and we’ve done the math, and I’ve broken this down for you guys live on the channel. It can take, okay, two to three calls for example, to equal a phone call. Or, two to three clicks … sorry, two to three clicks to equal … whoop, to equal one phone call, okay?

Joe Troyer: Guys, when I’m doing planning, when I’m working with a prospect, I don’t tell them that Google Ads is going to win every time, right? Because it doesn’t always win, right? Google is not a slot machine, it doesn’t work every single time. Best practices over time, will most of them work? Yes, right? But, I never want to set an expectation that I can’t live up to. I would all day every day, hands down rather under promise and over deliver, and that is the goal with every single prospect and customer, okay?

Joe Troyer: When I’m talking to a customer about this, and I’m selling them on running some Google Ads, or Google call only ads, right? I’ll break down the math with them. I will tell them flat out, not every person that tries call only ads is going to beat their cost per acquisition, right? This isn’t a magic bullet, it doesn’t work around the clock, and Google’s not like that, okay? But, here’s the thing, okay? Here’s the thing, and then I show them the math, okay?

Joe Troyer: Let’s break down the math here. If their website is good, it’s probably converting customers at one in 10, okay? If with call only, right? It takes even on the worst case, it takes three clicks to get a phone call, meaning one in three, right? What’s the difference in conversion rate, right? This is 10%, and this is 33%. Again folks, I want to downplay the results. Like, “Look at this amazing case study. It was freaking awesome. Look at the CPA difference. My customer doing call only, this is what they achieved, but it doesn’t always work.”

Joe Troyer: Let’s bring them back into reality, and then let’s take them through worse case scenario. Let’s say that even this, instead of 33%, let’s say that this is only … let’s say that this is one in five even, right? And, that this is 20% conversion, right? Like, “Mr. business owner, by not testing Google call only ads, you’re potentially missing out two times as many leads for hypothetically, the same cost.”

Joe Troyer: Now, are desktop clicks and mobile clicks the same? No, right? But, give me a four in the chat if you guys are here live, if you understand how this breaks down. I would show them a case study, if I was talking to a prospect. “Here’s a crazy win. You’re not doing this right now.” Right? “Here’s a crazy win. CPA before call only ads,” right? “CPA after, okay? Now,” right? “Now, I’d like to do this for you, but let’s say worst case scenario,” and we paint this picture, right? What business owner’s going to tell you no? Nobody’s going to tell you no, right? Right?

Joe Troyer: “Mr. business owner, but not testing Google call only ads, you’re potentially missing out on two times as many leads, for hypothetically the same cost. Would it make sense to …” Right? Insert pitch. Right? “Wouldn’t it make sense to work with a pay per click management company that is consistently looking at best practices, and rolling out tests for all of their customers, to ensure that they are getting the best results possible with Google pay per click?” “Yes.” “Okay, great. So, wouldn’t it make sense for you to give us a shot, to do this for you, and to take over from your existing agency?” “Yes.” Right? That would be an example of how you could transition into a pitch to go sell call only ads yourself, okay?

Joe Troyer: You could, from here then, sell a 30 day test. Your options are limitless. Understand though, I gave you guys the freaking perfect set up here, right? How you want to take it next, and what you want to sell into, right? Is really up to you. You can use the example that I gave you here, you could do the 30 day test that we talk about a lot on the channel. But, your options frankly, are limitless. “You are the king of spins,” Scott Lindsay says. Thank you brother, I appreciate that. The king of spin. I like that, I’ll have to quote you. I need a good pic though.

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