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For the week of May 9th, 2014

Mobile Revolution? Facebook’s Audience Network and 3 Common Mistakes With Mobile

We bought on Jack Scanlan to chat with us all about mobile. Facebook recently announced the launch of their mobile ad network named “Audience Network”. Jack shares with us his thoughts on the future of the platform and how to position yourself for it now. He also shares with us the top 3 mistakes made with mobile

Facebook earns nearly 60% of their revenue on mobile and it’s only growing. Make sure you are prepared for the takeover of traffic by mobile.

Facebook Case Study: How $34.27 Outperformed $120 in Ad Spend

In this Facebook Ads Case Study, we reveal how one campaign with a budget of only $34.27 outperformed a budget of $120. Learn how we got twice the clicks for 1/4 of the budget.

In this post, ‘ll cover the Basis of Our Testing, Results and Answers to the Questions, The Raw Data and Conclusions from Each Test.

#AmazonCart: Add it Now. Buy it Later.

Amazon announced an awesome new feature giving Twitter users the ability to add any Amazon product to their cart via Twitter. See the image below.

Watch the video below for a better explanation.

Social and shopping become more intertwined. First, it was the one-click buy, now Amazon is making it easier to shop no matter where you are.

FBROI Calculator by IMScalable

This nifty tool helps you calculate potential ROI for a campaign after inputting some information. We know many of our readers use Facebook Advertising so we thought this might be helpful.

I also love the marketing aspect of giving away a free tool. You’ll notice in the image below that when your campaign is profitable they mention the potential of having you as a client.

When the campaign is likely to be unprofitable they offer tips to improve.

Behind the Scenes of Launching A Podcast With Andrew Ferebee

If you haven’t noticed, we like podcasts. There’s a reason we do a video and audio version of the Friday Recap. Entrepreneur on Fire takes us behind the scenes with Andrew Ferebee of the Knowledge for Men podcast chatting about his journey in launching the podcast.

Why is he worth listening to? Well, he went from 4,727 downloads in November to over 135,000 in January.

I’ve included some of my favorite takeaways and quotes below.

It’s worth noting he leveraged his blog to getting-name guests on the show. He built up the blog by writing consistent content that he knew could help his target audience.

Each article I wrote was like a mini product launch – I spent a lot of time marketing my content, and therefore, I was able to grow a big following.

He also mentions cold emails and using guests for introductions.

I also did a fair amount of cold emails to people who I wanted on the show, and I found great success by closing out my interviews with something like, “Thank you so much for your time and for sharing so much amazing value; if you know anyone who would be a good fit for the podcast, I would love an introduction.

Consistency has played a huge role in the podcast.

The best thing I’ve found, and that I’ll continue to do, is to stay consistent – every Monday and every Wednesday I publish an episode, without fail. The momentum this creates in really powerful.

YouTube Allows Users to Add New Intro Videos

YouTube creates an easy way for anyone to add in an intro video, even to videos you’ve already uploaded. You can now automatically add an intro video of up to three seconds to the start of every video on your channel. This is great for anyone that already has a huge backlog of videos. Also for future videos, you have a more dynamic way to quickly change the intro to all your videos.

Set it up in three easy steps.

1. Upload the three-second intro video you’d like to use to your channel as an unlisted video.

2. On your channel’s InVideo Programming page, click “Add a channel branding intro” and select the intro from a list of eligible videos.

3. Select which videos you want the intro to appear on. You can choose whether to add it to all of your videos, or just the ones you’ve uploaded after a certain date. You can always remove or change the intro later.

Going Beyond Testing: Unlocking Your Company’s Growth Engine with Sean Ellis

The Growth Hacking legend Sean Ellis explains how Conversion Rate Optimization played a critical role as a growth engine for companies he’s worked with.

He lays out the difference between testing and unlocking growth, which is by having a systematic approach to continual improvement. Then he compares Joe Montana & Dan Marion. Awesome but back to business.

Image Source

Then Sean brings it back to exactly why we need a system.

The optimizations that really move the needle are the ones that have the greatest impact on getting more of the right people to the must-have experience of your product. This means the elimination of random testing on elements that don’t matter.

Making CRO a growth driver requires a holistic view of optimization. When you go beyond conversion optimization of marketing campaigns, to full funnel improvement, you move from testing to true growth driving activity.

In the post, 3 different conversion optimization systems are laid out. It’s a pretty hefty post and definitely worth reading if the above sounds appealing. Plus Sean Ellis is the Godfather of the Growth Hacker movement after all.

Facebook Ad Reports: View Performance by Placement and Demographics

Good guy Jon Loomer reminding you to check out the Facebook Ad Reports. When used, you can optimize your ads for age, gender, country, and placement.

Now the real power comes in the Data Breakdowns section. This isn’t normally selected hence why it might fly under the radar.

Clicking on any of the options and you can see how your ad is performing based on Age, Gender, Age and Gender, Country, Placement, and Destination.

In one of the example, he noticed his cheapest ad was actually on mobile devices. The more you know.

By saving the reports you can easily come back to them later.

67 Tools That Will Help Grow Your Email List

A massive list of emails tools from Kissmetrics. The first set of tools is Popups which they agree are annoying. They also agree that they work pointing to a Case Study by Social Triggers and a Case Study on Quicksprout. If that’s too aggressive for your taste, the next list in unobtrusive popups. Then they cover tools such as online contest and giveaways, Facebook, Coming Soon styled pages and Landing Pages. Like most things Neil Patel does, it’s massive, but if you are looking to up your email game there probably isn’t a better list. Remember though that tools alone do nothing, it’s what we do with the tools that count.

How to Land Your Emails in the Gmail ‘Primary’ Tab Every Time

What’s the point of options if they don’t get opened? Luke Guy covers this issue on Pat Flynn’s blog. HHere arethe secret ingredients he lists.

1. Have no more than 1 link in your email.

2. Include no pictures.

3. Mention the readers name using Merge Tag Tricks with MailChimp or Aweber.

4. Turn off the Rss Campaign. If you want a higher open count, you must type these emails out by hand.

5. Write to the reader like he’s your friend.

6. Don’t go spammy like this: Hey!!! WANT TO MAKE MONEY FAST??!?!?!

7. Write in Traditional Letter Form.

In the comments, there is a bit of a debate over how effective this strategy is though so consider them one strategy for getting in the primary inbox. One of the better comments mentions testing fully branded emails, minimally branded emails and plaint text.

Now for the juicy stuff on videos..

Yahoo Unveils New Video Ads

Gonna cut right to the chase and quote what MarketingLand said on this one.

Ned Brody, Head of the Americas, discussed the new video and rich media advertising opportunities. Brody first showed off new Splash Ads that will run on Yahoo’s digital magazines with examples from M&Ms, seen below, and Geico. Users can engage with the ads, and they have the native feel, appearing within the content feeds.

A massive list of emai

The company has also been testing Full Page Video Login Ads on the Yahoo login page. The 15-second ads play when users visit the page on tablet and desktop devices.

Video ads are coming friends. I’ve been bringing attention to it because I think it’s fast approaching us between YouTube, Facebook (just wait for the next article) and now Yahoo. It’s also worth noting how these ads are taking a Native Ad format AND have a social aspect allowing users to engage with them.

NBC is the First Major TV Network to Utilize Auto-Play Video Ads

I believe it was just last week I was mentioned how soon auto-play ads were coming. Sure enough in my bed one morning I see the following ad below.


As you can imagine the comments were horrible with users extremely upset and discussing the downfall of Facebook.

NBC is the first player to enter the arena on this one, buying 24 hours of ads to promote three shows as mentioned in the article. Progressive doesn’t seem too far behind though.

Facebook Launches New Video Metrics

Seems fitting after our last story, doesn’t it? Currently, page admins can only such information based on d the numbers of views a video has received. With the new video metrics rolling out in the coming weeks, marketers can see the average duration of video viewed and the amount of time that a person watched 95% of the video. You will also be able to see the demographic breakdown of the video’s viewers.

An example from InsideFacebook is provided below.

Facebook even made a short PDF overview on the new Facebook Video Metrics.

Another week has flown by! The trends of native ads and video ads continued strong. Getting email addresses is as popular as ever. I personally hope you enjoyed this Recap and can’t wait to see you next week! Sign up for the email list so that you can get it in your inbox every week!

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