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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Joe Troyer: All right, cool. So Greg Terry, if I was to go with GMB setup/optimization as a foot in the door service, and I’m just going to stop right there. So Greg Terry, what’s your core offer going to be while I read the rest? Right? What’s your core offer going to be? Again, a minimum, 1000 bucks a month. So what are you going to charge? What’s the service going to be?

Joe Troyer: So secondly, if I was to go with the GMB set up/optimization as a foot in door service, would it make sense to go after businesses that haven’t claimed their listings? The negative for me is that it makes the whole process take longer.

Joe Troyer: So yeah, like you hit the nail on the head. I wouldn’t start there. I would go after businesses that have low reviews on GMB. I would go after businesses that don’t have many photos. I would go after businesses that aren’t very well optimized. I would go after businesses that aren’t ranked in the three pack for the main keyword phrases and I would pitch a optimization service. If I were you, I would skip like a “set up service” just because you’re right. It’s the turnaround time is going to be too long. Right? And so the turnaround time was going to be long because most likely they’re going to have to verify via phone, via postcard, right? If they have to verify via postcard, it’s going to take anywhere from a week to two weeks to get the postcard. I mean, I’ve seen it sooner, but that’s not the norm.

Joe Troyer: And then you’re going to get the postcard and then you’re going to be able to build out the campaign. Like it just takes too long. If you can squash that turnaround time to like on the spot with them, getting them results and helping them or within 24 or 48 hours turning around their entire reputation in Google, like that’s going to be a big, big win. And that’s a night and day difference in terms of a deliverable and a foot in the door product comparing those two, right?

Joe Troyer: So I would definitely do the optimization and I wouldn’t go after any that weren’t set up or already confirmed. Greg. Hopefully that makes sense.




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