Highly-Spammed Google Niches – To Target or Run Away From?


Joe Troyer: “I was wondering if you have suggestions for plagued niches, plagued Google niches, like locksmith and overhead doors. It seems as if they have a high spam score before the project even gets started. I’d like to be able to offer services to these niches, but the testing has yielded mixed results.” So I have played in both of these verticals and my suggestion is simple. You guys aren’t gonna like the answer, but either go all in with these niches or run the other way. Okay? If you’re gonna specialize in them and you’re gonna go deep with them, no problem. You will be an expert in the space. You will have figured out how to deal with the headaches. You will figure out how to get past the extra Google certifications and check-ins, so to speak, in order to prove that you’re legit. But either specialize in this and really get those processes down, or just move to a niche that’s a whole lot easier. Okay? By all means, there’s a shit load of money to be made in that niche, but understand that you’re also going to, just being frank, you’re gonna have a shit load of problems too. You’re gonna have a shit load of headaches.

Joe Troyer: You’re gonna get a call in the middle of the night from your customers saying, “There’s an emergency. Our Google My Business just went down. It’s under review. It just got disapproved. It just got closed because they think it’s spam.” Because you’re playing in this industry and it’s not just because Google’s a bad company, it’s because that industry notoriously has been problematic for Google, and they’ve made Google look bad. They’ve done scammy things, they’ve done sleazy things, right? To the market. So Google has to react. And understand that there is a lot of money to be made in those niches too, otherwise the scammers wouldn’t be there doing their thing. So either accept it as it is. I’m a fricking spammer and go all in, right, or run the other way. I’ve played in these niches. I choose not to play in them moving forward. If I have to build an asset slow and steady, I’d rather do that and build my recurring revenue each and every month than build it and have it go whoop, and then just literally tank again. I think that you’re setting yourselves up for a lot of risk in those two verticals. And if you’re okay with that, then fine, go for it.

Joe Troyer: There’s a case study on the Digital Triggers blog, if you guys want to go check it out, that’s all about locksmiths and how … I forget what the case study is. Like $36,000 can be made from using PBNs and selling leads to locksmiths. It works, don’t get me wrong, but you’re just asking to get in trouble at some point. So know the risk and again, don’t be half ass. There is no money made in the middle. Either go fucking all in or run the other way. Don’t go somewhere down the middle. That would be my suggestion.

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