How Can I Keep Track Of Google Ads Results And Show Them To My Clients?


Joe Troyer: Next up, Eros asks, “How can I keep track of Googles Ads results and show them to my clients?”

Joe Troyer: I think the previous question is probably a better answer to this, definitely a more in depth answer. But I think at the end of the day you need to figure out a reporting period, weekly, every two weeks or bimonthly, and then monthly. Those are the only three that I would even bother with. I think you need to define your KPIs or key performance indicators that you want to track. And then I would definitely set up with some type automated reporting tool. There’re tons of them out there. If you look up whatever traffic source … Google Ads reporting platform, you’ll find a fricking million. There’s a ton of them. And don’t get swayed with these beautiful, pretty metrics. The important thing is that you should be able to see the KPIs that you guys decide to track, how they change over time, and how your tests may change this.

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