How Can You Deliver Value As An Agency?


Joe Troyer: When John Walter asks how do I build the confidence to start my agency that will give the best value to the local businesses that it servers. So I’d just rephrase that as how do I deliver value as an agency. And I think first and foremost, we’ve talked about a couple of times on today’s call, kind of been a theme on today’s AMA is focus on truly solving real problems for your clients. Okay? That first and foremost. Okay?

Joe Troyer: If you are focusing on that people are going to value that and people are going to happily pay you your value. Right? Second though I would say to back up that point is to focus on driving revenue and sales. Right? Your core offer, your core offer especially, should focus on driving revenue and sales. Do you think somebody’s gonna continue to pay thousands of dollars a month in perpetuity for ever if you aren’t driving revenue and sales?

Joe Troyer: That’s kind of funny. This thing flapping on my face. No. Hell no. Of course not. Right? So there’s been a lot of people in this industry talking about delivering services and products and charging those price points that aren’t ROI driven. I don’t know how any business is going to continue to pay you thousands of dollars a month if you can’t show them that you’re driving revenue and sales to their business that far exceed the amount that you’re charging them each and every month.

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