How To Fix: Ranking first in Google Organic Listing But Not Receiving Any Calls


Joe Troyer: Next up, Roger Mathews asks, “Joe, I design websites in the Podiatrist market. I’ve gotten my client, there’s the client name, to totally own the 3 pack in maps, they are first in the Google organic listing, but they don’t get any calls.” And he gave me the search phrase. He says, “I did not buy citations as his position is so good. How can I fix it?”

Joe Troyer: So, guys, this is a screenshot of the SERP, and you can see I put like a colon, or a bracket, or something, I don’t know, in there at the end of the search term. And his client is here ranking number one. So the first thing is whenever a client or any of you guys have a client and you say that you’re ranking in maps and you’re not getting calls, the first thing that I look for is the listing. Is it actually ranking? So it’s ranking.

Joe Troyer: But really what I’m looking for is are they dominant in the three pack. Like they’re ranking number one, which is great, but whoever has got the most amount of reviews and the best reviews is gonna be the dominant person. That’s who’s gonna get called. Right?

Joe Troyer: If you’re ranking number one with 4 4-star reviews, and I get my client here to the bottom and I get 30 4.5-star reviews, I’m getting all the phone calls, not number one, and not number two. Okay?

Joe Troyer: So again, make sure that you are freaking dominant, that you like literally obliterate your competitors with the number of reviews that you’re getting. Okay?

Joe Troyer: Second, and I would do this first if you haven’t already done it, make sure that you’re using a tracking number. Okay, because there is a really good chance that they could be ranking and that they’re getting three calls a day, and they don’t know that they’re getting three calls a day. Right? So make that you’re tracking it, don’t just rely on your customer to tell you if you’re doing a good job or not. Right? You need the mechanism in place, aka the call tracking with Google My Business in this example, to be able to show your customer, like I’m crushing this for you, and for them to be able to see that you’re getting them a great ROI with their marketing budget. Okay?

Joe Troyer: So because this is already ranking, because the client’s already freaking number one, it’s already got citations, this isn’t something that we’re starting from scratch, I would suggest tracking it with a call tracking number inside of Google My Business. Okay?

Joe Troyer: So Robert says, “If you use a call tracking number, then you will deviate from the NAP with a different tracking phone number.” Robert, you’re wrong. You guys wanna know the solution? Let me know in the chat, I’ll teach guys the trick, I’ll teach you guys the method, I’ll teach you guys how to add a call tracking number to your Google My Business account and not affect your name, address, phone number, and not affect any rankings that you have gotten or that you will get. Folks, this is the Holy Grail. This is it.

Joe Troyer: Again, I would suggest taking a screenshot of this slide right here. It tells you everything that you need to do in order to add a call tracking number to your Google My Business account.

Joe Troyer: Yeah. So you’re gonna log into Google My Business, you’re gonna click sign in, you’re gonna click the edit button, you’re gonna click the pencil icon next to the phone number, and this is going to pop up, this box right here. Most of you guys are gonna have place right here, right? You’re gonna have just like this. We’re gonna click add phone number and this box is gonna appear.

Joe Troyer: We’re gonna take the primary phone number, this is the one that was listed on the GMB, we’re gonna move it down here, and then we’re gonna take the call tracking number, and we’re gonna put it right here.

Joe Troyer: Now, what’s gonna happen is your call tracking number is going to show up as the number that gets called. It’s the number that’s gonna show up when somebody goes to call from the GMB listing. But we have taken that old phone number and it’s in here as an additional phone number. So all the NAP and all the citation information is still being attached and it’s still being correlated because you have that tracking number here inside the account under the additional phone number.

Joe Troyer: Folks, we’ve been using this for years. We’ve been using this little hack and work-around for years. Okay? This works, pointblank, and it’s been working for years. This isn’t something that we came up with yesterday and we’re hoping that it’ll work. Okay?

Joe Troyer: So again, just to recap, first you should be dominant with your reviews. Is this podiatrist? No.

Joe Troyer: Second, are they using a tracking number? I’m guessing, no. Right? Get in the tracking number.

Joe Troyer: Third, what keywords are you really ranking for? You gave me an example of podiatrist in city, state abbreviated, right? Obviously, you’re gonna have to rank for more keyword phrases than just that. I looked up for the population of your city as well, and it’s roughly 110,000 or 120,000 in population, and I don’t think probably podiatrist is something that gets searched for a lot. So you’re gonna have to go deeper in terms of the keywords that you rank for, like foot doctor, ankle doctor, maybe go after some of the problems. If it’s a foot doctor, ankle doctor, like broken ankle doctor, twisted ankle doctor, right? Fractured ankle, I don’t know, right? But you’re gonna have to come up with some more keyword phrases to go after.

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