How to Get a Reoccurring Monthly Payment for Pay Per Call


Joe Troyer: Can I use a monthly fee/retainer for a pay per call deal? So they mean pay per call even though they said PPC. So a pay per call deal say we will get you 40 calls a month for X amount of dollars per months. So we’ll get you 40 calls a month for $4,000 a month as an example. So the cost per lead or cost per call as qualified would be $100. So I hate this. I would never recommend you do this. Why? Because I’ve experienced this. Why? Because I’ve seen customers like quite literally face plant from this exact strategy. So how do they face plant? Well month one they set up the campaign, they promise 40 calls for 4,000 bucks a month right, 100 bucks a call, and they only provide 30. Customer goes yeah this is great, thanks for the 30 but where are the extra 10? Oh no problem, we’ll get them to you next month and they bill them for that same amount next month. It’s like oh well we only got you 35, yeah no problem, we’ll get them to you next month, right. And this eventually becomes a big problem.

Joe Troyer: So the way that I like to structure my pay per call deals, let’s see, it says damn solid truce. Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of people like quite literally eat shit with this or even worse, they don’t get any leads month one and month two, they still bill them for that monthly fee. Month three, they don’t get them any leads or they get them one and they bill them for that monthly fee. Like that’s some bullshit. If I was your customer I’d be pissed. You’d be out on your ass and I would have done a charge back. So you gotta communicate with your customers. So the way I do it instead, if I were you, the way that I would pitch it and position it is when you’re talking with your customer, get them to agree to a level that they are comfortable with. So get them to agree that their max budget per month is $4,000 a month. But you’ll only ever charge them up to $4,000 and for leads that you actually provide to them. That is the way that you do it correctly without being a skeazeball.

Joe Troyer: So again ask for max monthly price, ask for max monthly budget, never charge more on. And we use this always in conjunction with a retainer. And so the retainer … Guys I’m always paid in advance. If somebody’s not willing to pay me in advance, I won’t take the deal. Because that’s me risking my time, effort, money for nothing. I am always, always, always paid in advance. So I’m not asking no for $4,000 in advance. No that’s fine. I understand. So the way that we do it for example, the way we’ve done it, like literally building a seven figure agency is inside a pay per call, is they buy what’s called a $500 retainer. When that $500 retainer runs out, if there’s no enough left to charge for the next call, we rebuild. Okay and we never would rebuild more than their max monthly budget.

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