Closing about 4-6 new jobs a month myself now for rep marketing, and video SEO. – Matt

This is the training that will change my business. Now I can go from striving to THRIVING, thanks so much – Johan Miller

This is – BY FAR – the BEST training I have attended!!! You guys ROCK!!! Most hosts of training sessions/webinars I have attended treat their listeners a sif they are stupid. You guys bring nothing but GREAT CONTENT!!!! Thanks a million! – Jorgen Hurmel

Overview Of The Process

  • Step Zero: Shift Your Attitude
  • Step One: Define Your Superpower
  • Step Two: Define Their Problem
  • Step Three: Develop Your a Program – Price – Time Frame
  • Step Four: Develop Your Outreach Email
  • Step Five: Develop Your Target List
  • Step Six: Send Out the Emails
  • Step Seven: Set an Appointment
  • Step Eight: Listen First, Talk Second
  • Step Nine: How to Handle the Second (Final) CallStep Zero: Shift Your Attitude

Tools For Following Up

We recommend using a tool to track opens. That way you can know how well your subject line is performing and the best time to follow up with prospects.

Free Options

MailTrack: Know when your emails are read. Works with Gmail as a free add on to Chrome. The best lightweight get going quickly option.
Sidekick by Hubspot: This one has more features than others. In addition to email tracking you’ll also get profiles within your email and the ability to easily schedule emails for later.
Streak: A CRM in your inbox. Tracking but other powerful followup features.
MailTracker: Stop guessing, start knowing. Works with your iPhones mail app. Get real time notifications when a user engages with your email.
YesWare: Email tracking in Gmail as an iPhone App.

Paid Options More powerful features. Plans start at $59.99 a month. More for the power user.
PointofMail: Works with an email address and no downloads required. Starts at $19.99 per month.

Resources for Cracking Emails and Finding Prospects

Having trouble figuring out a prospects email address?

Can’t figure out where to generate potential prospect lists?

We’ve included some resources that should help.

Finding Propsects

BuzzSumo is a great tool for finding prospects Twitter address. Search a topic relevant to your services. You’ll need to use a separate tool to crack the emails.

The Vacuum Method by VideoFruit shows you how to find prospects using BuzzSumo and crack the emails.

Cracking Emails

Connect6 is a Chrome extension that works great in conjunction with BuzzSumo or whenever you have a social profile. It has about a 40% success rate.

Mailtester simply checks if an email address works.

Toofr figures out business email addresses using only the first and last names, and the website domain. Starts at $20 a month. figures out email addresses by giving it a domain, up to 200 free queries a month Starts at $1.00 per lookup. Get a valid email address with only a name and organization domain (company URL) Pay for only VALID emails. Invalid and catch-all emails do not affect your lookup amount.

Voila Norbert claims it can find anyone’s email address if you have their name and company domain.

Getting Your Email Opened

Test out Dean Jackson’s Nine Word Email template.

The subject should just be their first name, ie. “Bill”.

The body of the email should be these 9 words:

“Are you still looking at getting [insert] [your] [service]?”

For example:

“Are you sill looking at getting more service calls?”
“Are you still looking at getting more business?”
“Are you still looking at getting more clients?”
“Are you still looking at getting more Google Rankings?”

From: Joe’s SEO Busienss

Subject: Bill


Are you still looking at getting your kitchen renovated?
– Joe


That’s it!
Don’t add anything else to the email.

Scheduling Phone Calls

Alzay uses Appointlet to let prospects schedule their phone calls. Syncs with Google Calendar.

P.S. I have all of the templates for the ENTIRE process in the video. If you want them – do me a favor and write an insightful comment below. Let me know your biggest takeaways and that you would love the templates. If 20 people comment – I’ll add them its literally like 10 templates.