How to Get Your Fat In


Joe Troyer: All right. So next up is once you guys start tracking your macros, once you guys start using on your phone the, the Keto blue app, what’s going to happen is, when you start tracking your macros is you’re going to look at it and you’re going to go like, dude, I don’t understand. Like I had, I had lunch had dinner, I ate all my meals and I, I just can’t get in all the fat. Like, what the heck do I do? I thought I was eating Keto and then I started looking at my macros and I’m like, I’m a way, way off from that. 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs. Right? And that’s natural. I think it was natural for me. It’s, it’s very, uh, non intuitive to eat Keto. Okay. It takes a little bit of adjustment.

Joe Troyer: So there’s kind of some core things that you guys can use to get your fat in. And again, I’m going to kind of name out a bunch of stuff, that you guys can use in that our tools. I don’t want you guys to judge yourself on any of these to start know that though, like long term, I started cutting some of these out, okay. And going with what I thought were kind of the healthier long term benefits as Keto for me is like a very long term play. Okay. So some ways to get your guys as fat in, um, first and foremost guys is Avocados. I love Avocados. Um, I’m on a kick, um, almost every week or every other week where I’m eating like an an avocado every day. Okay? That is a great, very, very healthy way you guys to get your fat in.

Joe Troyer: A good quality olive oil is going to help you guys get your fat in. Another alternative to olive oil is avocado oil. In fact, when you compare the two, I will take avocado oil any day of the week versus an olive oil. But I like to mix them. I like to throw in both. They have different tastes. Um, coconut oil is a, is one that you guys can can use as well. Um, I don’t know about you guys. When I first started using coconut oil, to be frank, like I just wasn’t a famous, but the more I started using it, the more that like I started to get used to the taste and now I don’t mind the taste at all. It was always kind of just weird or strange or odd. Uh, but now coconut oil, like I could just like take a tablespoon or two of coconut oil and I can put it in my mouth and eat it.

Joe Troyer: Like no joke. A high quality butter. So like Kerry gold butter for example, is a gold, I get the gold package with the salt because again, I need the sodium. Uh, and so does everybody on Keto. Um, heavy whipping cream is a, is a way to, uh, to get in a lot of fat. And if you’re looking for like a dessert, right? Take some, uh, some vanilla and drop it in, right with some Stevia into some heavy whipping cream and whip that and it’ll quite literally become whipped cream. I mean, I’m on a diet, eating whip cream. What can go wrong here? MCT oil is a part of coconut oil, but just a part of it. Um, and it’s like the most beneficial or useful, for Keto because, um, it turns right into energy the fastest.

Joe Troyer: It converts the fastest in the energy. But I’ve been doing a lot of research on MCT and um, yeah, it converts the fastest in the energy, but kind of longterm benefits versus just coconut oil. I’m not a real sold, so it’s a cool supplement. It’s something that I like to play with. But for me, MCT oil is kind of like the Keto meal. I try to not get too much of an addiction to it or rely on it too heavily. And then guys, next up is just like the, the big thing I can tell you about how to get your fat in to make those macros work. And to actually be doing keto and not just like Adkins, which is just high protein, moderate fat or low fat and no carbs like that’s Adkins. Okay. I find myself on Adkins, I’m not satiated and I feel like shit, which means I’m not full. I have no energy and I just don’t feel well. So the fat for me is the key with Keto, which means we got to know how to get our fat in. Okay? So the easiest thing to do is whenever you’re eating whatever your main dishes is to ensure that you’re just, you’re going for a fatty cut of whatever that meat or the protein is.

Joe Troyer: So let’s say that you’re having a hamburger and or a cheeseburger and you’re going to skip the Bun, right? Cause you’re not going to have the bun cause you’re Keto, simply instead of going for 90/10, right? Use 80/20 or use 75/25, and that will do the most, um, uh, for you in terms of getting your fats right. That is the easiest hack that you guys can use. All right? And, uh, for those of you guys that are on a budget as well.

Joe Troyer: let me tell you something. Those are the meats that are cheap. 75/25. Like you can get that thing and like a fricking balloon, like this big, this big round for 10 bucks. And it’s like, you know, I don’t even know how big that thing is. Like it’s ridiculous how cheap 75/25 or even 80/20 is compared to 90/10. Okay. So again, just take the fattier cuts of meat and you’ll be much better off for the day. Okay. So kind of the reverse to that is if you eat something that’s super, super lean for one meal, even like one, one meal, you have a, um, you have a boneless skinless chicken breasts, it can take you quite literally all day to recover it to get enough fat in because you had that. Or let’s say that you get a really, really, um, low fat, um, you know, Bison Burger for example, right? That can be like 95, you know, a hundred in terms of fat. So there’s like no fat. It’s all protein. It’s going to take you quite literally all day to recover. Okay. Douglas says Bacon. I definitely eat bacon. I definitely eat pork. I definitely eat sausage, but I try to be careful with it. And I try not to go overboard with, with Bacon and pork, to be honest. Okay.

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