How To Maintain Anonymity When Buying a Site


Joe Troyer: Ah, let’s see. Derek says, “I’m new at this. If I buy a site, will my name show on the record, and will Google see it? I have use for some sites where I can remain the anonymous owner.” Yeah, so I mean, Derek, at the end of the day, can you do a private Who Is? Yes. Can you put it in your wife’s name? There’s always ways around it. I guess the thing that I would ask you is why? Why are you trying to hide the name on the domain name registrar and the Who Is, why are you trying to hide that from showing up as you? I think at the end of the day you’re probably overthinking it, if I had to guess, but just my personal thought process.

Joe Troyer: Black hat idea. I mean at the end of the day, yeah, I mean you can just do a private Who Is. So if you’re going to do that, Derek, if the domain isn’t currently private, I would suggest making it a term of the sale that the seller includes a private Who Is. And they do that first, then when you transfer, there won’t be a momentary lapse of your name being on the domain name registrar. Hope that helps, man.

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