How to Run Google Call Only Ads


Joe Troyer: All right, so next up, next question, Chris asks, “do you have any training on how to run Google Call Only Ads?”

Joe Troyer: So, I do not, to be frank. I believe that in order to run Google Call Only Ads, that you should be good at Google Ads. And it shouldn’t just be an afterthought, like, I sold my client, so I guess I should figure this out. No problem, I can set and forget this thing, and take 15 minutes and set this thing up.

Joe Troyer: Could you do that with someone you’re marketing or you’re targeting? Yes. Do you ever want to do that when you’re running Google Search campaigns? No. I promise you, 99 times out of a 100, you will eat it, okay.

Joe Troyer: So, again my fundamental belief system is that you need to understand Campaign Structure inside of Google Ads and Match Types and Quality Score. You need to be very comfortable with Ad Creation and Automated Rules and all the different types of Bidding Types. And then you need to be prepared to literally strap in, quite literally strap in and monitor those campaigns every day.

Joe Troyer: So, somebody just gave a recommendation for a Call Only Ads training, and I would run the other way from that ads training. So, again, you need to baby this thing, you need to watch this thing. And that’s the difference between you crushing the campaign and you losing the campaign.

Joe Troyer: There’s a lot of people in the space that say, oh yes, just set it up and let it run, and it’ll be great. I know lots and lots of you guys have lost a lot of money doing that and trying to follow that kind of methodology. That’s not going to work for you.

Joe Troyer: So for those very reasons guys, I don’t do any fulfillment for Google Ads myself personally. And that’s one of the many reasons, that I let my team at do it. So before I was even partners with them, that’s who I would recommend if you asked me for somebody to do Google Ads.

Joe Troyer: Okay, I believe that it takes a very specific skillset to be good at running Google Ads. It takes lots of patience, it takes being very particular. It’s almost like a very long chess match that you’re playing each and every day, where you’re getting very small incremental wins, and you’re always testing things.

Joe Troyer: For lots of people, they like playing that game, but for other people, like me, I hate playing that game. Okay, so I wouldn’t suggest that.

Joe Troyer: So let somebody, let the pros do it, would be my suggestion.

Joe Troyer: Okay, Frankie says, “Google Call Ads are hard.” Dougo says, “thanks for the tip.”

Joe Troyer: So, let somebody that does that for a living, do it. And you know that if they run those campaigns, and that’s what they do for a living, and the results that you’re getting just aren’t quite there. Know that that’s what they do, again, for a living. And just imagine what it would have been like if you would have done it. And had to learn everything from scratch.

Joe Troyer: Does that make sense there everybody, give me a three if that makes sense.

Joe Troyer: Am I trying to discourage you from doing it and running Google Call Only Ads? No, but if you’re going to do it, understand that it’s probably going to take you quite a bit of time to learn it and truly master it. And that’s what you’re going to need to be successful, is mastery. So it’s just something for me that I choose not to do.

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