How To Tell If Someone Is Doing Call Only Ads


Joe Troyer: How can we tell if someone who is running Google AdWords are doing call-only ads as well? As of late, one of the things I’ve been talking a lot about is how do we pitch a trial, or a 30-day test to people running AdWords, but not running Google call-only ads? The goal is for us to be able to show them that you’re doing Google AdWords, you’re spending money, which is a good prospecting lesson, you’re already spending money, but you’re not doing this thing, which should give you the potential of spending a lot less per lead, let me do it for you.

Joe Troyer: The question that we’re getting is basically how do I prospect to those people? How do I find those people already running Google AdWords or Google Ads? Now, they call them campaigns. There is no more Google AdWords, it’s just Google Ads. How do I find people running Google Ads, but specifically the ones that are finding, or spending money on call-only campaigns?

Joe Troyer: This is really, really simple guys. At the end of the day, all that you’re going to do is go to Google and do a search for your niche. You’re going to do a search on Google. You’re going to say ‘search,’ and for those of you guys watching on YouTube I’m just typing this out on the slide deck, so if you want to see the slides just go over to and you guys will be able to see the slide deck. YouTube Live gets my face nice and pretty here, and everybody on GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting gets the slide deck.

Joe Troyer: How do you know if someone is running Google call-only ads? You’re going to do a search in Google on a mobile device, and specifically you’re going to do a search for the area that the prospects are in, and the service as well. This is as close as we can possibly get. They could be filtering us out because of geo locations, and geo targeting. We’re in West Palm, but we’re looking at a client and the results in Chicago, they could be saying, “I only wanna show my ads to people in Chicago,” so know that this isn’t 100% accurate, but this is exactly how we do it.

Joe Troyer: We do some searches, so let’s say that we’re trying to find a roofer in Chicago. We would just go on our mobile phone, right here, do a search for roofer in Chicago, and then we’d look to see who was running the ads. We’d refresh a couple of times, see if the positions change, see who changes, see what sites come up inside of Google Ads that are actually running call-only ads. Then, the ones that aren’t are the ones that we would target.

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