How To Use Call Tracking To Charge More Money

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  1. Pelosi Sarcoma

    Great video, Joe. Have you considered adding a feature to bulk delete Twilio recordings from within ACT? They charge a storage fee over 10,000 minutes, which I’m trying to avoid.

    • Joe Troyer

      Hey Pelosi we’ve deleted some in the past, but haven’t co spidered a bulk delete feature for our customers. I’m sure it’s something we could figure out 🙂

  2. bartonmurray

    thanks for sharing all these creative ways to add further credibility into the minds of our clients, or potential clients. Analytic Call Tracking Rocks!!

    • Joe Troyer

      Hey bartonmurray great chatting last night! Congrats on sealing 3 more deals. $72,000 a year business created in what a month 😉 Keep kicking ass and taking names!

  3. Rick Burdo

    Hi Joe
    Awesome Software, Great information.
    Have An Awesome Day
    Thank You
    DAV Rick Burdo



  4. Mike Simmons

    Hey, looks good…but how do you use this with a local site that wants to rank in G Maps? Always heard not a good idea to use call tracking with G Maps listings?

    • Joe Troyer

      Hey Mike Simmons thats a great question man! Its really a 2 parter though….

      A: If the client is ranking well – for me thats in the top 7 positions – then you dont want to mess with their citations. HOWEVER now you can go into Google My Business and have the primary number that shows in maps be a tracking number and it does NOT effect rankings 😉 No one is talking about this, or even knows about It… Its on my list of case studies to run.

      B: If they arent ranking in google maps use a new call tracking number as their phone number in their citations. Just be sure if they already had some citations that they get updated with the new phone number for NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) Consistency across the local directories.

      • Mike Simmons

        Cool Joe, interesting…change the Maps #, what about the # on the actual website? For instance you may have the NAP listed in the footer, does it hurt to have # say at the top of site a diff number? (using a call tracking number of course)

        • Joe Troyer

          Not with the method I just laid out…

  5. Aaron

    Can I use this with Google AdWords PPC Ads? Would I get in any trouble with them?

    • Joe Troyer

      Of course you can Aaron 👍 can even track the keyword that triggers the call

  6. M.J. Plebon

    Hi Joe, Great video – thanks. Is there a way in ACT to restrict calls to two or three area codes? This way we can avoid the darn SEO auto dialing crap that goes on way too much?

    • Joe Troyer

      Yeah, but the best bet is after you buy M.J. hit up Ryan and he will share our blacklist. That will drop a ton of spam right away.

  7. Brad Averhill

    Just thought I would drop in a quick testimonial for Joe’s ACT – believe it or not this review has not been asked for and Im getting noting from Joe for this – This is my honest real review of ACT and Joe’s team. I’m a Enterprise client and have to say that this software does exactly what it says on the box – The customers service tech support is great – they really do talk to you and call you back real quick if you leave a message.

    We could not run our business without a call routing system like ACT. If your clients do any business on the phone, this is a no brainer, just jump in and buy this you wont be dissapointed.

    There is a bit of configuration that you need to do but they have training videos for each and every aspect of the system.

    If you look on Facebook you will see I never offer any products or review products EVER – this is one product I wish my competitors didn’t know about.

    • Joe Troyer

      Appreciate that Brad! Means a lot to the team

  8. Scott Grigg

    Just wanted to leave a quick recommendation for Joe. I use Syndwire, use the Boost for Syndwire and have used a couple other of Joe’s products ( and now Analytic Call Tracking). I have to say this. No one, no one, knows more about SEO and helping your business make money than Joe. I’m a huge believer in his products because of one thing — they actually work as Joe says. No bull. They work.

    • Wiva Riders

      we have syndwire, but have never heard about boost? whats that?

      • Wiva Riders

        damnnnn! just scooped up this ACT biz-nez …. super stoked to apply this to our music career for booking requests

        • Joe Troyer

          Glad your digging it!

      • Joe Troyer

        Boost is a program that is an add on so to speak for Syndwire. It builds out 2nd 3rd and 4th teir links behind your posts… It’s not currently available.

    • Joe Troyer

      Appreciate that @Scott Grigg!

  9. ganesh

    Hi Joe, so if i understand correctly, I pay $99 per month per number and nothing more? no need to purchase credits etc? So basically unlimited incoming calls for $99 per number per month?

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