Is It Worth Ranking Videos For Local Service Niches?


Joe Troyer: Mike asks, “Is it worth ranking videos for local service niches if your goal is LeadGen, in particular, niches that don’t have a strong how-to component to them, for example, plumbing, or electrical, or how to fix a faucet, et cetera?” Is it worth ranking those videos? 100%. I completely believe that it’s worth ranking those videos for two reasons. I think that people think about the second reason, but they don’t really think about the first one.

Joe Troyer: First and foremost is you want to boot competitors from the first page of Google. You want to add just one more keyword phrase that you’re going to rank for. Why? You’re taking market share away from your competitors every time you do this. But your goal, at the end of the day, should be to control as many spots on Google as possible. Paid spots, organic spots, Google My Business listing spots.

Joe Troyer: The rest of them, video, citations, whatever you can get on Google. You want to become the go-to. Because of dominance and also perception. Okay? Because of dominance and perception. If you’re ranking all over the place and people also perceive that you are a good brand to do business with, you’re going to get a lot of business. Perception is key, though. How can you give people the perception that you’re a good brand or the client that you’re working with is?

Joe Troyer: Get reviews. Hammer the reviews. Make sure everywhere that you guys can get reviews, that they’re showing up and that those places are ranking in Google. You can get reviews on Facebook, get reviews on Yelp and you can rank those sites very easily as well inside a Google Search. What else can you do perception? Re-target. Re-target with testimonials. Re-target with an ‘As Seen On’ campaign. Control the perception and what’s happening in the prospects mind and be dominant and you’ll control a large piece of the market.

Joe Troyer: Then second is yeah, you’re going to get calls right from the actual videos from the actually videos themselves ranking in Google. With number two folks, at the end of the day, ranking videos isn’t going to get you rich. It’s not. From one client, one offer, in one area, you’re not going to be able to hang your hat up and be like, “Yeah, I don’t need anymore advertising.” Does that mean that you can’t get a call a day from video? No.

Joe Troyer: A customer a day from video? That’s completely possible, but I know a lot of people have hedged all their bets on it and they’re like, “I’m going to get 10 or 20 calls a day just from local video results from my customer.” That’s probably not going to happen.

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