Is Keto for You?


Joe Troyer: All right. So next up, is at some point, at some point, whether you guys try Keto or not, or you guys just skip directly down to this step, I would highly recommend that you look into or you try or you play with intermittent fasting. Okay. So years and years and years ago, I got introduced by a friend of mine to intermittent fasting and this, the guy that I started following was keynote bottle. And if you look them up on Youtube, he’s like a youtube celebrity, right? And so I started doing intermittent fasting and it worked for me. I started, uh, with a 16:8 regimen, which simply means essentially at the end of the day, folks, you only eat for eight hours, right? So for 16 hours you don’t eat. For most of us, that comes down to just skipping breakfast as a meal and eating lunch and dinner like normal and not eating at four o’clock in the morning, right?

Joe Troyer: So if you go out to the bar, don’t come back and you know, drink or eat a bunch of Munchies, right? Don’t come back and eat a bunch of food at two or three o’clock in the morning. So, again, tracking is key. I recommend using the App zero and that will help you track your intermittent fasting. So when I was cutting and I was cutting really, really hard and frankly when, when my mind was the absolute sharpest, I was, past 16:8, um, I was even more aggressive. And again, guys, I didn’t get there overnight, but I just kept playing with it and pushing the boundaries. And I was essentially more like 22 hours, fasted, two hours to eat and then I’d start all over again. So what that really meant was we’d have like a two hour eating window. And so I would basically get home at like, you know, four or four 30 and I would be able to eat or I’d eat until 6:00 or 6:30.

Joe Troyer: Okay. And I essentially eat dinner and lunch at the same time in one big meal. And guys, that would be like a feast, right? I would feel like I just went to a steak house, right. And had a big old steak and I would feel frickin amazing. Right. Um, and this, this a omad was, was very good for me. I liked it. I still, um, do Omad probably three or four times a week, um, where I have kind of one meal a day or it’s just, you know, in such a tight window it’s a two or three even maybe four hour window kind of. Okay. And so this is one of the big ways to spike your testosterone to spike your, uh, your, your growth hormone as well. And so, and this was one of the reasons why quite literally at like two or three o’clock in the afternoon, I would just feel like a fricking raging bull with so much energy that I’d have to like, I’d have to go work out.

Joe Troyer: Right. So, intermittent fasting is definitely a tool that I think everybody should try and to use. I don’t think it’s for everybody. I don’t think that Keto, frankly is for everybody either. Um, I love it. I can stick to it. For me it’s natural and I think that’s what’s important. It’s something that you can stick to. It’s a lifestyle commitment or you guys. Um, so the, the other thing I gotta say about, about intermittent fasting is for me it worked for a long time and then the benefits kind of started wearing off. And so even though I was doing 16:8 intermittent fasting, like before the, the benefits really started wearing off for me and I never knew with intermittent fasting that you could do more than 16:8. I just thought it was 16:8 and that was it. I didn’t know nobody back then was really talking about doing extended fast or longer, faster.

Joe Troyer: Uh, one meal a day, for example. Okay. So know that if you start and you do 16:8 and you like it, no, that you can play with it. There is no right or wrong answer, right? You can just fast for 16 and find it amazing all the time and never do more than that. And that’s fine, right? You can push it to 17 you can push it to 18. You can push it to 22 like I did. Okay. Just know that it’s something for you to play with. Okay. And use it to your advantage. Right? Use it. You know, play with it. Just like you guys would a marketing message or marketing tactic. Right. See how it works for you. See how your body responds to it. Okay.

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