TC 003 : Ben Pate – Lessons Learned from Managing Over $10 Million in Ad Spend

Ben Pate has managed over $10 million in AdWords spend and is also one of the founders at Digital Triggers. Today we bring him on to give us the rundown on getting started with AdWords and what to look out for. He breaks down his Measure, Analyze and Optimize process plus his ‘2 Golden Rules’ that effect all paid campaigns.

Like anyone Ben had to get started somewhere and tells us the surprising story of how he started with AdWords by working for a rim and tire shop. Ben answers the question on how to get your first client and how to get more clients. He tells us how he sets up his contracts differently now, after a bad contract cost him close to $100k, so the same mistake doesn’t happen again. Lastly we dive into the history of paid traffic and similarities that FB Ads may have with AdWords.

Ben Pate recently released a new tool to easily automate most of the process for getting news clients.. It has features like the PPC Prospector, My Adwords Audit, Mini Audit, Statistics Reporting, Changes Reporting and Click Fraud Accounting. Instead of ‘selling’ your services learn how to help clients. A must have for any AdWords manager.