John Logar – Going Beyond the ‘6 Figure’ Consultant

john logar

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

John Logar is here to up your aspirations from a 6 figure consultant to a consultant earning at least $250,000 to $300,000. It’s a big goal but he certainly delivers.

His average client on the low end is $8 to $10 grand a month while his highest paid is $700,00 grand. He’s built and sold multiple 7 figure agencies in a variety of niches.

Make sure to check out his podcast and blog at

Here’s a few of the highlights John shares in the interview:

  • Don’t try to sell everything. Have a specific service.
  • Pick ONE service that gets awesome results. And go after the top 20% first.
  • The Business of Selling Online to Offline and the massive opportunity that still exists.
  • Ideal Customers Strategy for Invading an Industry with Massive Success and Avoiding Gatekeepers
  • Pricing
  • EXACTLY Where He Finds His Leads
  • How To Find the Average Sale
  • Give Away The Strategy
  • Using Paid Traffic Getting in Quick: Get the best possible result in the fastest possible way. Happy client, testimonial and case study.
  • 3 Things of Every Business
  • The Middle Man Model



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