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Over the last few weeks I’ve been reading some AWESOME year in review type of blog posts… Some of the best blog posts I’ve read all year.

Here’s one of them:


These posts have given me and my team a lot of inspiration.

Now, I want to try and do the same for you.

I’m going to be sharing with you everything that went well, and didnt for 2014 and Digital Triggers.

Hopefully you can use this for motivation 😉

Digital Triggers has been a huge passion project for us, wanting to give our friends and customers awesome content week in and week out.

It’s also been a bit of a challenge…


Because honestly its new territory for us.

We’ve been uber successful with marketing software and training products.

But we’ve never had a blog before. It’s an entirely different animal.

Lets dive right in.

What Went Awesome

1. Podcast

Our Podcast Ranked #2 In Itunes in the Business Category. Here’s a screenshot of us ranking #4, I need to dig up one from the #2 spot.


Our Giveaway helped us reach #2.


We emailed out list, and asked all of our friends and family to help.

The entire process was setup through LeadPages

You can check it out here:

This leadpages, page actually got us featured on leadpages blog:



Click here to see it

The podcast downloads spiked during our giveaway to nearly 500 downloads a day. From June (when we started) – December we did 21,092 downloads. So roughly 3,000 downloads per month.


That’s from an average of 2 podcasts per week.

  • 1 Interview With Successful Entrepreneur
  • 1 Friday Reload

I know that we could have easily doubled our downloads if we would have put out 4 podcasts per week, and would help us rank better in Itunes.

But honestly we want quality over quantity.

We want to ensure that YOU our readers, friends and customers are getting REAL value from this blog.

Total Number Of Podcasts


Total Number Of Posts




Total Number of Words Published


I found this nifty plugin that gives you this data here. 


2. 1st Year Traffic

We reached 17, 468 users to the blog. Honestly thats awesome. It’s not like DigitalTriggers was our companies full time gig, or the only thing we did so to see this is pretty awesome. In the grand scheme of things we have a long way to go though 😉

One of our sites gets over 17,000 users per month…


What I’m not too impressed with is the sessions and pages per session. We can do better than that, and we will. I’ll talk about this a little later in the post with some changes we are going to be making to DT.


What Didn’t Go Well

Everyone always talks about what went well, lets talk a bit about what didn’t go so well…

1. SEO

To be clear SEO wasn’t a big focus for us this year, and it should have been. PERIOD.

Only 6.1% of our traffic has come from Organic Search.










The good news is we have started to rank for some things naturally, meaning by literally doing nothing…

“how to get adwords clients”


We are beating out:

Wordstream and PPCHero – two monsters that we highly respect

Next up “video seo cheat sheet”


2. KILLER In Depth Blog Posts

One of our big initiatives with DT was to write out in depth A-Z posts on whats working well for us.


Just goodness…

Here’s an example:

How to Get AdWords Clients – A 10 Step System to Find and Close New Clients


Honestly we blew this one, we only had a few killer posts like this…

Whats Next:

1. A BIG focus on SEO

We will be concentrating on this BIG time, and will be sure to share with you our results and systems we are using to get RESULTS.

2. A BIG change up in our content, and content schedule.

We are going to be pulling back and putting out one piece of content per week.

We will be doing:

  • Monthly Reload (recap)
  • Monthly Interview
  • And 2 Killer Blog Posts Per Month

In the que for the Killer Blog posts we got some REALLY exciting stuff, we will be reaching into our internal systems and processes and sharing stuff we really don’t share elsewhere…


  • What I Learned Spending $138,896.51 on Elance & oDesk
  • How We Build & Market Software
  • How We Manage Our Client Services Division
  • How We Doubled Our Average Customer Value In 30 Minutes
  • How We Ranked 60 Videos In 30 Days On Page 1 Of Google
  • Over The Shoulders Stuff Like How One Marketing Campaign Brought In $50k In a Day

And honestly so much more!

If you can’t tell I’m REALLY excited for the new schedule, and to be releasing some of this stuff.

Let me know in the comments what kind of content would be MOST helpful for you!