Maximizing Retargeting


Joe Troyer: So Frankie says, “Hi Joe. Another question regarding retargeting. You’ve said in the past that we should change out the ads often, so people don’t keep seeing the same ad,” excuse me, “over and over.” Frankie says, “Is this something you do manually or do you use some sort of software that will do this for you?” So for example, is this something AdRoll could do for you automatically or would you have to do this manually? I’ve used AdRoll in the past, but don’t remember if this can be done automatically.

Joe Troyer: So first things first, Frankie, I don’t like using AdRoll. I like going directly to the platforms themselves, right? So I go directly to Facebook, I go directly to Google or I suggest that my clients do. So that’s first. Then next, at the end of the day, you got to understand that it’s all manual, right? If it wasn’t manual, I’d be shouting the name of the tool from the rooftops. Right? So, it’s definitely manual, but let’s take a second and let’s really break down how you guys can maximize your retargeting.

Joe Troyer: Because at the end of the day, you guys know that my time these days is spent a lot on omni-targeting, which is our retargeting offer and it’s such a huge opportunity, that’s why I’ve taken the time to make it my number one thing. Quite literally, I think it’s the biggest opportunity out there in local and in marketing in general right now. I don’t care if you’re an E-comm, I don’t care if you’re a small business, if you’re a local business, if you’re an agency, a freelancer, you’re losing and leaving so much money on the table, it’s not even funny.

Joe Troyer: So let’s walk through kind of the four different high level takeaways that you guys can use and you guys can implement, that you guys can swipe and kind of deploy in your business to maximize retargeting or in your client’s business. All right?

Joe Troyer: So first and foremost, is you guys want to create lots of audience, lots of audiences based upon days, right? So you could say day one through seven, day eight through 14, day 15 through day 21 and so you’re going to have their three different segments based upon days, right? Based upon time that you’ve had that customer pixel. So that step number one, is most people that I see, they’ve maybe set up day one through seven and that’s it. Or they’ve just set it up as day one through 30 and that’s it. Or they’ve just set it up to run indefinitely and haven’t capped that audience size.

Joe Troyer: Okay, give me a one if tip number one make sense. Okay, you need to create lots of audiences based upon the days, right? And the day since they’ve seen that retargeting pixel or that retargeting pixel has been dropped, right?

Joe Troyer: So then step number two, is we want to create a lots of ads in each of those audiences, okay? So we’re breaking down, the first tip, right, and going deeper on that. So inside all those audiences and with all those audiences, we want to create lots of different ads in each audience, okay? And really what we’re going to do is we’re going to create four different types of ads, or that’s what I suggest doing. This doesn’t always make sense to do for every type of business, but for 99% of them it does. I’ll give you guys some other examples where you guys could change this up a little bit.

Joe Troyer: But I like to throw up different types of ads, offer ads, branding ads, review or testimonial ads, and then also any type of seasonal ad that you may be running at that given time, right, because it’s Thanksgiving time, or it’s Christmas time or you’re running a spring offer that’s different, right? Then from there, I like creating lots of different ad variations for each of these different types. And what this does is these two things, creating lots of ads and lots of different types of ads and variations, this helps me truly stick out all the time.

Joe Troyer: And what I mean by that is we fight banner blindness, right? My visitors see my ads and I change out the ads before they can start having banner blindness, which means I keep my click through rate really high, which means I get a lot of clicks on my ads, which means I make a lot of fricking money from those ads, and it also keeps my cost per click low, which means I pay very little for the retargeting campaigns.

Joe Troyer: Okay, tip number three then folks is we want to go Omni Channel, so we want to fricking be everywhere. Okay, so you know, let’s talk about E-comm companies. E-comm companies right now everybody’s is like, “The rage is Facebook traffic for E-comm.” Okay? So let’s just roll with that. If that’s your target market, whether it’s you or whether it’s a client, there’s a nine time, a 90% chance that you’re running Facebook retargeting, but you’re not running Google, you’re not running Insta, you’re not running Twitter, you’re not running LinkedIn, you’re not running Gmail, you’re not running YouTube.

Joe Troyer: And your retargeting campaign that you just set up with Facebook is probably getting you conversions, meaning sales for like a dollar, right? And then you look at it and you’re like, “Yeah, I should probably do some more of that.” So why the hell aren’t you? Right? So you want to be Omni Channel, you want to be everywhere that you fricking possibly can be? And I just listed off the type of those places for you guys to be.

Joe Troyer: And then tip number four is, think about sequential campaign based retargeting. So when you run local offers, for example, let’s say you’re doing retargeting for any type of local business. Let’s say it’s a cryotherapy business. That business probably has a deal of the month. So after somebody comes through and they saw all of your ads for the first 30 days, right after those 30 days, do some type of sequential campaign, right? Do an offer of the month, right? So that you show them a different ad, you show them a different offer, right? You do something that seasonal to that point in time and use it as a reactivation campaign to get people back into the cryotherapy sauna or use people or sell or upsell or cross sell. Okay?

Joe Troyer: And so guys at the end of the day, these campaigns, what boggles my mind is these campaigns are truly limitless. They are truly limitless. So if you’re doing E-comm, for example, you could run a campaign specific to a customer or a prospect that visited a category or a collection page, right? Then you’re running ads that are targeted and the messaging is narrowed down to a very specific product or type of product with a collection or category page, right?

Joe Troyer: You could then run ads and people don’t think about this shit, but you run ads to people that purchased one time, right? Run a thank you video, right? You as the founder or as the owner or your client as the founder, as the owner, running a thank you ad and giving a coupon away, and I guarantee if you do this and you run one of these thank you video ads and you run it like I teach you guys to run these, this will be a crazy, crazy, crazy return on ad spend campaign. Because this thank you video only goes out to your buyers and people that purchased and then you’re thanking them genuinely on video and giving them an exclusive, right, coupon code.

Joe Troyer: Who the heck does that? Nobody does, right? You’re going to stand out and people are going to talk about you. They’re going to share that coupon code and they’re going to go use that coupon code again themselves, because they’ve been so impressed, right, with how you handle yourself or how your client handles yourself. Think about other things that your clients or you would want from your clients, right, your customers. User generated content, right?

Joe Troyer: I’m sure you guys have all seen, “Once you get this in the mail, take a picture and tag us on this platform or that social platform and we’ll give you a coupon and we’ll do this or we’ll do that.” Well, why not emphasize and re-emphasize that with a retargeting ad, right? Why not get somebody to buy again? Why not run a flash sale two weeks after a customer gets their product or a week or a month?

Joe Troyer: You know what that buying cycle should look like? So manufacturer win with retargeting, if nothing else, and nobody even does this, leverage retargeting to get reviews, right? Show an ad, asking for reviews with conviction, talking about how important it is, or to your client’s business. Is this good, are you guys liking this? You guys can tell, I’m on one. This is your customer base, this is your list. You spent all this money to get your marketing out there or your clients did and nobody’s running any of these campaigns, right?

Joe Troyer: So anybody then that’s purchased two or more times, right? Ask for a video testimonial, they’re raving fans, right? They obviously are raving if they bought from you on two different occasions instead of one, right? Offer that same raving fan, a referral program, right? Or some type of incentive program, right? Refer three friends that buy and you get this free X, right, or this free other things. But then just like in the local example that I gave you with like a cryosauna or something like that, offer then a monthly sale offer.

Joe Troyer: So if you’re in a business or your clients are in a business and it’s a repeat business, and you are not running a monthly sale or offer, you’re leaving 30% or 40% of the revenue on the table, right? So use email, right? Use print, use whatever you can to get that monthly sale and offer out there, right? Use texts, use voice, use voice drops, but run fricking retargeting as well, you want eyes all over the place. All right?

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