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For the month of January 2015


Google Sending Mobile Usability Warnings To Huge Number Of Webmasters


Google sending notifications to webmasters with sites that are not mobile friendly. Is this a sign of a new mobile algorithm coming soon?

Twitter To Expand Ads To Publishers & Apps, Will Also Begin Auto-Playing Video


Reported new features headed to Twitter should be well received by both advertisers, publishers and the avid video consumer.

Number Of Martech Companies Doubles To 2,000 In 2015

Marketing Technology Landscape 2015 - 1200px

Social media and content marketing are among the biggest categories for marketing technology companies, while influence marketing, performance & attribution emerge.

YP Introduces Cross-Device Retargeting With Local Search Query Data


Program targets national advertisers taps mobile exchange inventory.

The Increasing Growth Rates Of SaaS Companies

SaaS startups are growing faster than ever before. Publicly-traded SaaS companies founded from 2008 through 2014 needed 50% less time to reach $50M than their counterparts founded between 1998 and 2005. I stumbled across this trend when looking at a different chart used in my S-1 analyses that compares the time to $50M for each of the 51 or so publicly traded SaaS companies.

Bigger Than Hollywood

Apple paid $10 billion to developers in calendar 2014. Additional statistics for the App store are:

  • $500 million spent on iOS apps in the first week of January 2015
  • Billings for apps increased by 50% in 2014
  • Cumulative developer revenues were $25 billion (making 2014 revenues 40% of all app sales since store opened in 2008)
  • 627,000 jobs created in the US
  • 1.4 million iOS apps catalog is sold in 155 countries

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 1-22-11.30.06 AM


2105 Content Marketing Trends: Bullish & Bearish Report

“Kane here. Like most other digital marketers, I’m tired of new year prediction posts. But, I do like documenting where my mind is at on a number of content marketing trends so I can reference it from year to year.

This year the Content Harmony team & I are weighing in on content marketing trends that we’re bullish on, and trends that we’re bearish on in the future.

No crazy predictions here, just a snapshot of content marketing heading into 2015.”

Bullish: Mixed Format Content

Bearish: Marketers Failing To Embrace Change

Bullish: Selective Social Media Strategy

Bearish: “Buffet-Style” Social Media Strategy

Bullish: Structured Microdata

Bearish: Structured Microdata For the Sake of It


From $0 to $350,000 With a Free Product???

Lessons Learned Building an Open Source Product from $0 to $350,000/year in 12 months

Post image

This one was from a tool called Ghost. It’s a WordPress alternative that is catching major traction. Oh did I mention it’s built by the guy who built the WordPress User Interface??? Learn how they went from nothing to big-time ballers.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Running Successful Marketing Campaigns (+ 9 Tools to Help)

On marketing blogs everywhere (including this one), you hear a lot of lip-flapping about the importance of meticulously planning your marketing campaigns.

But what many don’t address is that marketing campaigns aren’t specific to product launches – if you want to achieve measurable results with your marketing, you need to treat every single one of your marketing activities as a marketing campaign.

Successful Marketing Campaigns: What If I Told You Meme
For every single project you take on to move the needle for your business, you’ve got to have a master plan: a set of clearly-defined goals, a finite start and end date, and a means of tracking your successes (and failures).

So what extra baggage comes with this “campaign mentality”? What’s the ideal order of operations? What extra resources will you need?

Here’s a step-by-step blueprint for planning and launching your next campaign – with a selection of hand-picked tools to help you through each step.

The 2015 Rollout Strategy for Aggressive Direct Response Marketers

Rollout Strategy Overview

There are new ways to squeeze out more ROI.

Our 2015 rollout strategy is designed to explode your monthly visitors and leverage new cutting-edge digital advertising options for unheard of ROI. It starts with Google Display Network [GDN], AdBlade [AB], and Taboola [TB]. These three networks are commonly used by top media buyers because they provide massive traffic at a great CPC with precise targeting options. We recommend using these 3 networks for bulk clicks to your landing page.

Next, is the hottest new trend in retargeting; Video Retargeting. By using Google Remarketing lists and Facebook’s website custom audiences you can use Youtube ads and Facebook video ads to retarget your landing page visitors with short videos. We’re seeing double the conversion rates with video ads going to the same pages that other ads are driving traffic too. Use video retargeting as a way to recycle those bulk clicks into even more traffic.

Finally, just like you would use email follow up sequences to push people through your sales funnel, you can use Facebook website custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and Google remarketing lists to push your visitors through your sales funnel. Read on to learn how we use both of these to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

7 Lessons and 3 New Strategies I Learned From Launching My 5th Blog

total traffic

I’ve been blogging for around 10 years, so you would think that it’s easy for me to start a blog and gain traction. Although it’s true to some extent, it’s still difficult for me to start a blog from scratch.

A few months ago, I started my 5th blog on as an experiment to see how quickly I could get to 100,000 visitors a month.

Although I’m only at 28,109 visitors and 51,746 page views a month, I’ve been learning a lot. Here’s what I learned:

Why Transparency Is The New Marketing

open minded

Do you know one simple way you can generate more traffic and sales? It’s actually by being transparent.

Being open about your business is a great way to gain people’s trust and loyalty. By sharing problems you may be facing, or by sharing your financial numbers (whether they are good or bad) will help you build a larger following.

And with that following, you’ll be able to convert more of your visitors into customers.

But don’t just take my word for it. Let’s look at some companies that share their numbers with the public to their benefit and how you can replicate their successes…

Everything You Need To Know About Sponsored Content

Many of the traditional channels for online content discovery are thoroughly understood and their adoption rates are high.

The readily accepted channels—from SEO and PPC to email and social media broadcasting—can deliver the best content to the right people at the right time.

Today, however, the Internet is experiencing a deluge of content, and many channels for content discovery are bloated. Estimates say that more than 2.73 million blog posts are written and published daily. Many industries are experiencing a content surplus, making it even more challenging for marketers to get their content seen.

Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are adjusting their algorithms to ensure the least amount of organic visibility for brands, too. Traditional paid media, such as banner advertising, is becoming less effective year-over-year because banner blindness runs rampant. According to Solve Media, you’re more likely to survive a plane crash than click on a banner ad.

That sounds farfetched until you look at the results from the Nielsen Norman Groups 2007 eye-tracking study (shown below).


How to Have a Successful Local SEO Campaign in 2015

Another year in search has passed. It’s now 2015 and we have seen some major changes in local ranking factors since 2014, which I also expect to change greatly throughout 2015. For some, a new year means a fresh starting point and yet for others, it’s a time of reflection to analyze how successful your campaign has been. Whatever boat you’re in, make sure to sit down and read this guide.

In this guide, we will cover how you can have a successful local SEO campaign in 2015 starting with the basics and getting down to five action items you should focus on now. This is not limited to Google My Business and also includes localized organic results.

How to Generate 15,000 Visits from Reddit To Your Site (and More Reddit Case Studies)

Reddit is still a relatively untapped social network. This interesting blog post presents case studies, strategies, and tips showing how to exploit Reddit to generate website visitors, business leads, and engaged users.

The Real “Secret” to Launching a Successful Store to Thousands of Excited Customers

The Real

The majority of online stores fold because they’re unable to drive traffic.

For many starting e-commerce founders, there’s a nearly single-minded focus when starting a store that is almost entirely dedicated to finding and showcasing the right products.

The great e-commerce myth is that having the right products, a beautiful site design, and stunning product photography is all that’s necessary to get people to pull out their credit card and buy.

Now, to a certain extent, this could be true IF you’re launching your site to a group of people who are interested in what you’re doing in the first place.

However, the majority of stores aren’t launching to the right people if anyone at all.

Starting on such an unstable foundation almost pre-determines the site to become a beautiful mausoleum for products that never find an owner.

This forces the founder to scramble to find buyers – heavily discounting products and creating marketing communications that sound more like begging and less like a confident, trustworthy brand that knows what they’re doing.

Secure Your Audience Before You Launch Your Store

5 Unknown Tips To Hack Your Retargeting

We’ve all experienced our fair share of retargeting and there are good reasons for why marketers do it. Retargeting ads have a 10x higher click-through rate than display ads – and visitors subject to retargeting are 70% more likely to complete a conversion compared to non-retargeted visitors. All great stuff, but retargeting ads can as annoying as people who play music from their phone in public places. If you’re not using your retargeting opportunities strategically to provide value to your visitors or solutions to their problems, then you’re no good. You’re just noise. Here are five tactics you can start using today to get the most out of your retargeting efforts while still delivering value to your prospects.


Retargeting tactic #1: Unique segmentation
Retargeting tactic #2: Use old-school marketing tactics
Retargeting tactic #3: Reach your audience on a variety of retargeting channels
Retargeting tactic #4: Upselling and cross-selling
Retargeting tactic #5: Testing your ads


11 Tools That Allow us to Work from Anywhere on Earth as a Distributed Company

Post image

The Scientifically Proven Best Time to Think and Write Creatively

Do you know when the best time to write is? Is it morning, afternoon, or evening?

Just like you, I was curious, so I decided to do a bit of research. The answer I found shocked me.

Here’s what I learned…

Local Search Expert Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Local SEO?

Local Search Expert Quiz - Moz

Here’s An AdWords Script That Lets You Optimize Bids Every Hour Of The Day

Columnist Daniel Gilbert shares Brainlabs’ AdWords script that lets you set 24 different hourly bid multipliers, 7 days a week.


Ultimate suite of tools for Gmail.  Faster scheduling, email opens, polls and surveys within an email, email templates and more.

Cloud Convert

Convert anything to anything.


Todos + Email + Calendar = Focus

DIY Email Referrals

This interesting article will show you how to set up your own free email referral program by using MailChimp, Zapier, and Mailgram. Why would you want to do that? Referral programs are usually used to gain an incredible number of users and customers. The blog post also shares the results from this strategies.

Programming for Marketers

Are you a marketer or doing marketing with limited technical skills? Or an engineer trying to do marketing? This free 14-day email course is perfect for you.

A free 14-day email course to
Learn technical skills to work faster, not rely on devs, accelerate your user growth, boost your salary, automate any repetitive task, and more

Revenue Forecaster


Consistently take action on your most important work.


Growth, Referrals And Getting The Job Done: What Airbnb’s Growth Team Has Learnt



4 B2B SaaS Growth Hacks That Helped Bizible Raise $8M

Here’s a summary:


– Proactive live chat. Second most largest sales channel that had a lead to opportunity conversion 50% higher than average.

– Warming leads through social. Using Facebook custom audiences to warm leads to our brand before doing outbound.

– Test different demo CTAs. Offering an incentive ($25 Amazon gift card) resulted in > 2X more qualified demos than any other CTA.

– Offer a free tool. Drove thousands of sessions and has to lead to many customers for us in the past year.

Another tactic we used is to just shift our mindset. Marketing at Bizible does not take a lead goal, only a revenue goal. We call this Pipeline Marketing (

Backed By Science: The 25- Headline Upworthy Challenge

The Smart Podcast Player is Back! And My Top 7 Lessons from Building a Software Product

The Smart Podcast Player is Back!


The Hacker’s Guide to User Acquisition: Twitter

Austin Allred has been providing amazing case studies on how to actually drive traffic and gain leads.  This time he focuses on Twitter.

How to Use LeadPages™ to Launch Your First Product in 30 Days or Less

Product launches are difficult.  If you’re looking to JUST get started then LeadPage is probably you best option.  Use this guide to launch a product using LeadPages.

The Secret To AdWords Success, Told By A Former Googler

Want the inside scoop on how columnist and former Googler Frederick Vallaeys manages his AdWords campaigns? Check out his Checklist for AdWords Success!

How We Increased Our Email Opt-ins By 1000%

Discover here six different ways through which Gleam — marketing apps developer — was able to significantly increase the number of email subscribers collected via Gleam’s blog. The team tried different strategies for a 30-day period, and these are the results.

What to Spend on Customer Acquisition in 5 Easy Steps

This article breaks down exactly how to calculate what you should be spending to acquire new customers, and suggests some tools that can help you along the way. It also links to a Google Spreadsheet where you can input your own numbers and automatically calculate your costs.

30 Linkbait Phrases in BuzzFeed Headlines You Probably Didn’t Know Generate The Most Amount of Facebook Shares 

Honorable Mentions


Ask GH: What is the best opening line you’ve received from a cold sales email

Getting started is always the hardest part, including writing a cold email to someone who doesn’t know you or your product. What’s the best first sentence or introduction you’ve seen or received from a cold sales email?

3 Google Analytics Reports to Help You Find Blog Post Ideas Your Readers, Will Love

How I outreach to influencers and obtain links at ~20% conversion rate (Link No Longer Works)


BuzzBundle Review – How I Drive Traffic To My Blog

Building a Million Dollar Business in 12 Months – with Ryan Moran

New Podcast with Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker

Remote Internships

Requests for Startups

101 Ways to Promote Your Next Blog Post

My First $100K in Monthly Revenue: An Interview With Hiten Shah 10,000 Hours with Reid Hoffman: What I Learned

A/B Test Your Email Marketing – How to Get Started, What to Test and 20+ Apps to Help

How Spotify Turned Free Music into a $10+ Billion Valuation

Marketing Stacks (like Programming Stacks)

The New Science of Building Great Teams

Famous Authors’ Handwritten Outlines for Great Works of Literature

[Case Study] How to Run a High-Converting Promotion That Generates 6,000 Email Subscribers in 1 Month

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