My Top Keto Meal Replacements


Joe Troyer: So next up, we talked about one of them earlier, but really I have two favorite kind of Keto meal replacements. Again, the reason I would use meal replacement and guys I use it loosely, like I don’t, I use these sparingly, like maybe once a week I’ll use it maybe twice a week I’ll use it and no more. But I’ll use the Keto brick. But also like sometimes, especially when I was bulking like, cause I was, I was up to eating like 3,500 calories and I built, I put on like eight or nine, nine pounds of lean mass and like six or seven weeks, by going through this bulking process. So it worked and it worked well and I gained like one pound of fat. Like it was ridiculous work very, very well. So you can bulk on Keto and it works fantastic.

Joe Troyer: Somebody asks if I’m on any juice, no, I think you’re talking about steroids and know that there’s no juice. The other, the other thing that, that I used to get in calories, like, at the end of the day, if you’re eating 3,500 calories, like, and you’re doing it with Keto, pardon my French, it’s going to drop. It’s just a lot of fucking food, right? It’d be like two and a half pounds of food for me to eat. And we’re going to talk about intermittent fasting and a little bit, but I was doing intermittent fasting and guys, I was doing omad so I was doing, which stands for one meal a day. So my eating window is like two hours long and I’m trying to eat 3,500 calories. Like that’s almost impossible. Like that is almost impossible. Like I did it. Okay. But sometimes I, I just couldn’t, like, it was just too much food.

Joe Troyer: So when you’re bulking and you’re doing it clean and you’re doing it on Keto, the Keto bricks, really good, but, American metabolic, and also Keto logic make a meal replacement. So American metabolic makes a really good Keto meal, uh, or Keto meal replacement. And then Keto logic makes one too. I personally like the vanilla in both. Keto logic definitely has vanilla on top though I think it’s a little better than the American metabolic, but this is an easy way where I can add some coconut oil to this. I can add some, some good healthy, butter to this. and I can add like avocado oil if I wanted or some MCT oil and coconut oil, any other kinds of nut oil to this. And I could really get my fat intake up. Like I can have a shake folks that was 800, 900 calories. Okay.

Joe Troyer: So that is a, kind of the, the two for me. And again, guys, I don’t, I don’t like to Overdo it. I know some people like they’re taking this stuff like these meal replacements, like every day. My concern in there is that I’m just not getting the nutrition that I should be. Right. So I need my vitamins and we all do and I’m just a little worried about where everything is coming from in these. Right. And I’m worried that all the nutrition, new nutrients aren’t on a passing through. Right. Or they aren’t bio available. Okay. So I think, you know, I’m not relying on supplements. Is something that that’s good. I don’t think any of us shouldn’t be relying solely on supplements. We should be getting our supplements naturally, right. Not from vitamins and highly processed foods. Okay. So these I like to use, but, If I find myself getting obsessive with it or having too much, I’ll cut it out for like a week. I’ll cut it out for two weeks and then just kind of slowly introduce it back into my diet.

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