#1 Asset As A Local Consultant Or Pay Per Call Business



  1. Pieter Prinsloo

    Hey Joe, just bought my first Twilio numbers a week ago. What do you do with the numbers when they rank and start getting calls but you don’t have a client yet? Thanks for a great vid man, which I tweeted out to my following.

    • Joe Troyer

      Either A. Use a whisper and forward calls to your prospects. Saying (company) sent you a lead. B. Take the call. Write down the info and call up your prospects and tell them you have a prospect for them.

      Appreciate the tweet!

  2. Jim Kellen

    Joe…..where can we get a copy of your SEO contract?

    • Joe Troyer

      Hey Jim I’m pretty sure we gave it away with the SEO proposal template here on the blog.

  3. Jim Kellen

    Yeah, you wouldn’t happen to know where that’s at would you bud? Tried to find myself before bugging you….if not, is cool man. Happy New Year to you!!

  4. Brad Averhill

    Hey Joe you mentioned that there was a Global Black list of numbers available in your video, as an Enterprise client where do I get this list?

    • Joe Troyer

      Hey Brad hit up Ryan. 561-841-1832 ext 2

      • Brad Averhill

        Thanks, will do later this morning.

  5. John M.

    Joe, could you post the link to the SEO proposal template + contract? I’m already a happy user of ACT 🙂

  6. Michael

    Can this system be used outside the USA, I know Twilio numbers can be purchased in Australia, but does your product work in say Australia ?

  7. Geert

    hello Joe, is it possible to write down the contactmail, you re talking a bit to fast to understand 😉
    regards, Geert

  8. Daniel M. Christensen

    Joe, would you mind shedding some light on getting a location for your ppl stuff? Do you just find someone located in the area and pay em $20 to get a GMB? Or pay for a virtual office?

  9. Sabrina Elizabeth Średnicki

    Hey Joe! Very informational video! I am now the Digital Marketing Director (SEO) etc., for a privately owned company and have bee viewing your youtube videos for tips! Thanks and hope all is well!

    • Joe Troyer

      Thanks for the comment 👍 hope your appreciating the content!

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