PBN Training #3



  1. diva_smiles

    You mention at 1:00 minutes into the recording to not take notes as the slides were going to be provided. Can you add a link for those?

    • Joe Troyer

      They are right below the video 🙂

  2. diva_smiles

    Thanks – not sure how i missed that!

  3. Drew Mann

    Thank you Joe for vid #3, it answered some questions I was toying with for weeks! Also, thanks for posting the recording so quick – don’t usually see that. Impressed 🙂

    • Joe Troyer

      Hey Drew Mann you got it brother. Glad I was able to answer your QUESTIONS 😉

  4. Humphrey Oteng-Adjei

    This is vintage Joe. Awesome delivery. Many .

    • Joe Troyer

      Glad you enjoyed it Humphrey Oteng-Adjei love hearing awesome feedback like this. I work my tail off to over deliver for you guys and push the envelope 😉

  5. DC

    Joe you’re a beast. 95% of what you taught, I learned the hard way and long way and from different places. Nobody puts it all in one place and in one video so that the ones that are heavily committed to learning this everyday don’t have to take weeks or months to get questions answered about the process of things and don’t have confusion about the proper workflow. No fluff, just facts and a super applicable workflow; the things people new to SEO should watch out of the gate. You confirmed a lot of what I thought I knew so that’s great and I learned some things I didn’t know. Anyhow, excellent video series. Much appreciated!

  6. Keith Flaherty

    Did you call me about the hat i won?

    • Joe Troyer

      Yep, it’s in the mail 🙂

      • Keith Flaherty

        Thx again.

  7. Tommy

    Just phenomenal stuff Joe. Thanks for sharing! Now how about sharing the Launch Pad lifetime access price??? Hahaha

    • Joe Troyer

      Hey Tommy sorry man never had a lifetime for Launchpad 🙂

  8. Keith Flaherty

    Does this make sense: Explanation of a PBN is a group of higher authority sites. You could use 1 to 3 higher authority sites in 1 PBN in a not so popular niche or 5 to 10 higher authority sites in 1 PBN for a more popular niche.

  9. Keith Flaherty

    Im in godaddy to buy hosting. Do i select web hosting or word press hosting? This is for my money site!

    • Joe Troyer

      Web Hosting

      • Keith Flaherty

        Thx, thats what i ended up using anyway

  10. Alan thorp

    Real nice presentation Joe. Cheers

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