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  1. Keith Flaherty

    Could i use a blogger url for a PBN

    • Joe Troyer

      With a social PBN yes:

      • Keith Flaherty

        oh shit you lost me, didn’t know there was a difference between a social PBN and a regular PBN. Im gonna need to take one of those super pills like on that new TV show.

        • Joe Troyer

          Hahaha… Its eas:y pbn built with social profiles, web2.os etc is a social PBN – PBN: actual top level domains that you own 😉

  2. DC

    Great video. Can you answer the question, “do your registered PBN domains go through a sandbox period and if so, how can you make sure they are going to pass juice in as short a time possible”? After 6 PBNs over 3 months in a low to medium local niche, I haven’t seen any jumps in rankings like I’ve seen happen for many well-known SEO teachers. The PBNs are not spammed, penalized, and have solid metrics. I’m ranking on page 2 and 3 of Google for keywords so I know my on-page optimization is done correctly. Thanks!

    • Joe Troyer

      Hey DC we can deinfarely talk about that. If you want to send me more details anonymously via Twitter @joetroyer I’ll look into it.

  3. Annipierre

    Thanks Joe!

    Wow… straight talk mate. Paraphrase: “If you use PBNs, at some point your site will be slapped.” that’s a smelling salt right there.

    So, my question as someone who wants to build a long term ranking powerhouse of a site – or do long term client SEO… (although this is off-topic and probably a follow up series of videos) is what are the ways that you rank for competitive keywords without a PBN? How do you get the ‘harder to get’ but long term links?

    Thanks again.

  4. Mike O'Neil

    One thing you have to love about Joe Troyer trainings: he cuts to the chase. You are the first PBN trainer who I have heard speak the truth: PBN’s are against Google’s inconsistently applied TOS…AND sooner or later you are going to be found by G. Loved it.

    Loved this training Joe… looking forward to the other two.

  5. Bayridge

    Is it safe to point Social PBN’s at money site you want keep…or for that matter, a client’s site?

    • Joe Troyer

      @bayridge a million times safer than a pbn however it all depends on your use…

  6. Mel

    Love your honesty Joe! When you ‘ride the wave’ and know there is a risk of it coming to an end, how do you manage lead gen clients/ what do you say/ when that happens, when you suddenly can’t get them phone calls. ?

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