How to Sell PPC Advertising Management with Joe Troyer

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In this episode, Joe unveils his golden rules for selling PPC (Pay-Per-Click) management services. With his expert guidance, you’ll gain a powerful framework to approach the sales process with utmost effectiveness, paving the way for accelerated business growth.

The Power of PPC

PPC advertising offers businesses numerous benefits in digital marketing. By strategically bidding on relevant keywords, they can ensure their ads appear prominently in search engine results. This immediate visibility, along with the ability to control ad spend and measure ROI per click, makes PPC a cost-effective approach.

Additionally, businesses can optimize their campaigns through detailed analytics, A/B testing of ad copy and landing pages, and integrating valuable keywords into their overall digital marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies. Overall, PPC empowers businesses to reach their target audience with precision, increase brand recognition, and drive valuable clicks for optimal results.

Golden Rules for Selling PPC Management

Here are proven strategies for selling PPC Management:

  1. Target Existing Google Advertisers: Focus on selling PPC management services to businesses that are already spending money on Google ads. These are the low-hanging fruit, as they already understand the value of PPC advertising.
  2. Pitch Cost Savings and Increased ROI: Highlight your pitch around saving the client money and helping them get more value from their PPC campaigns. Emphasize how your expertise and PPC services can improve their results.
  3. Identify Opportunities for Improvement: Analyze the client’s current PPC campaigns to identify areas where improvements can be made. For example, if they’re not using call-only ads and it’s suitable for their business type, show them case studies of how call-only ads have reduced cost per acquisition for others.
  4. Build a Convincing Case: Present the client with a clear and compelling case that illustrates how your services will benefit their business. Address the issues you found, but quickly transition to discussing the opportunities for growth and success.
  5. Specialize in a Vertical: Consider narrowing your focus to a specific industry or vertical, such as chiropractors or dentists. Becoming a go-to expert for a particular niche can make your services more attractive and scalable.
  6. Focus on Scalability and Long-Term Value: Demonstrate that your PPC management services are not only effective for the current campaign but also scalable and capable of providing long-term value for the client’s business.
  7. Approach Decision Makers: Make sure you’re having conversations with the decision-makers in the client’s company. Understand their goals and objectives and tailor your pitch to address their specific needs.
  8. Highlight Growth Opportunities: Stress that your services will help the client’s business grow faster and more efficiently. Tie your solutions to their overall business objectives and goals.
  9. Address Issues with Solutions: When presenting issues or challenges with the client’s current PPC campaigns, follow up with actionable solutions. Show how your expertise can turn these challenges into opportunities for success.
  10. Be Confident in Your Pitch: Be assertive and confident in your pitch. Convey to the client that your services will undoubtedly provide value and that working with you is a smart decision.

Remember, the key is to demonstrate your expertise, showcase the value you can bring to the client’s business, and tailor your pitch to their specific needs and goals.

Topics Discussed

  • Going after easy wins
  • How to show clients they can get more for less
  • Joe’s consultation script
  • How Joe would start a PPC management agency

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Joe 0:35

Okay, so at the end of the day, if you guys are going to go sell PPC management, if you're going to sell PPC management, so this is going to be a service for you. Alright, so PPC management is going to be a service for you. The first golden rule of selling PPC management for me, guys just understand, I don't like battles that I can't win. I don't like trying to fight to get a customer. I like the low hanging fruit. And I suggest that you guys go pick up the low hanging fruit to like, go pick up the easy to win shit, right. So what I like to do in terms of PPC management deals is the opposite of what a lot of people do. Right. So I think that the first rule, the first golden rule is only sell to Google ad, let's say Google advertisers.

So at the end of the day, if I'm going to go try to sell PPC management, I'm going to go only sell the people that already get it, okay, that are already spending money with Google. And my pitch is going to be I'm gonna save you money. And I'm going to help you get more, right, that is my pitch. So essentially, it's more or less, okay, only, again, to people that are selling or people that are, I'm only going to sell to people that are already spending money with Google, if they're spending money with Google at the moment, right. And let's say that they're spending, for example, let's say that they're spending $5,000 a month. Okay, I know that I, for example, or you, for example, you go in and you guys can pitch a deal for 20% of management, meaning that if they're spending $5,000 a month, right, that you would get $1,000 a month to manage the account. Okay.

And the way that I would get this is by showing them some opportunities of how they could get there, how I could help them save that and make that and get more right. Now they can get more for less, right? So this can be done in multiple ways. Okay, you can take a look and see what they're doing and what they're not doing, right. So if it's a very localized type of business, let's say that they're in the kind of service industry or people like to contact them by phone to start, right, the web form leads aren't really a thing in that niche, right, then see if they're running call only ads, right? So if they're running call only ads, okay.

And if they're not show the case studies about what running call only ads can do. Here's a case study of how this one person went from an $80 cost per acquisition to a $40 cost per acquisition. Only by using colonias, I can see that you're not doing this, Mr. prospect, right? You're missing out on this right now. If you're having somebody run right now a company run your pay per click ads, right, they're missing out on this, I'm really worried about your business, and the hands that you're in when it comes to pay per click management. Right, you should also be doing thing number two, I found issue opportunity number three,

I found issue opportunity number four, I found issue opportunity number five I found that are all pointing folks to I can help you get or for less. And without a doubt, it's going to cover my feet. That's the picture that you need to draw in the prospects head. Right? If you do that, you should be winning deals left and frickin right. Okay, and if you take this model, and you you narrow it down then to focusing on one vertical, right and you become the go to expert of pay per click management and lead generation for chiropractors or dentists or whatever vertical it is that you want to go after. Right? This becomes a very scalable and sellable asset very fast. Okay, so this is exactly how I would go start build run scale, a pay per click Management Agency for Google.

Never, never even attempt I would run the opposite way of contacting people that are not running Google ads into Trying to convince that to pay Google Pay Per Click for advertising, want to play that game? I want to say you're already doing this, you've been doing it for 12 months for two years, for five years, you can see the costs are gonna go up. Right? You can tell me these goals that you have, right?

You told me that you want to scale your business, your marketing has got to be more efficient. I pointed out all these issues and opportunities that will clearly pay for my fee. I'm gonna help you get a whole lot more for a whole lot less. When can we get started?Guys who's gonna tell you now in that pitch? Who's going to tell you now in that pitch? Nobody? Nobody's gonna tell you no, this is it, man.

Don't approach them all willy nilly. Right, approach them and figure out the issues and opportunities. Okay. So and understand when I'm pointing out to a prospect issues that they have. I'm pointing out the issue, but then I'm recovering immediately and talking about the opportunity. The reason I'm bringing up this issue is like, I'm not trying to scare you.

I'm not trying to give you more homework to do I want to talk to you guys about the opportunity. This is what's going to grow your business. You told me that you need to be growing faster. These were the ways by fixing these that we're going to be able to do this for your business. Okay, so find the issues and opportunities and have a conversation with the decision maker. That's it.

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