Rollout of New Accounting Practices


Joe Troyer: Hey Joe, I have a client who opened her accounting practice and wants me to do all of her marketing. What services would be best for her to start off with? She has a truly amazing offer. She will look at the last 10 years of your taxes, and see if you qualify for a refund. Oh, excuse me. If so, she’ll charge you 33% of that refund, it’s her fee. Okay. If not, the service is free. So … That is an amazing offer. It’s a great offer. 33% seems a little high, but she’s also digging back pretty far, right? 10 years. So I’ve seen offers where for 1000 bucks, somebody will review the last three to five years of your tax returns to find you, like essentially lost money, right? Where you can get a refund back from the government. So, I think that that is a great offer. But let’s start out from the beginning of the question.

Joe Troyer: So first and foremost, just be careful. And yes, I’m going to literally write, just be careful. At the end of the day, here’s the thing, it’s a brand new company. Okay, so you could deliver this brand new company results that nobody else in the market could get, and because they have no benchmark, because they’re brand new, because they don’t have all their systems and processes, because they’re brand new to the scene, they’ve never run these types of marketing campaigns before, they don’t know what’s good and what’s bad in terms of results. There’s really no way for you to define very well, that you’re a rock star, right? Or that you’re doing your job effectively. Give me some feedback in the chat, if that makes sense? Just give me a one, give me a yes, aha moment, give me something in the chat.

Joe Troyer: Zach says, “What’s your number?” Exactly, man, I’ll call her up. Give me some feedback in the chat, if that makes sense. Right? Yeah. So, you’re going to want to be careful with this one, okay? You’re going to want to just be careful. I would take this slow, if I weer you, all right? So, in terms of a marketing rollout, first and foremost, just be careful. All right? Take it one step at a time, I wouldn’t go in and sell them like the whole enchilada. Okay, because they don’t have respect and appreciation for the whole enchilada yet. Right? Understand that there is a customer journey that they need to go on. Okay? And I’ll teach you guys how I would sell this if I were you, to try to preserve your relationship, and your integrity as well, as you take them through the ropes and learning marketing lessons. All right? So, first and foremost, just be careful.

Joe Troyer: Second, I would start by selling them some type of setup fee, for tracking. Okay, so at the end of the day, all marketing comes down to tracking, right? You need to be able to track in Google analytics, what’s working. You need to track if they’re taking calls via the phone, right? You got to tie that back into your marketing. Okay, if you’re going to run Google ads, you’ve got to set up conversion tracking. If you’re going to run Facebook ads, you’ve got to set up conversion tracking. The same with Instagram, and same with YouTube ads, and every other platform out there. Okay? So, at the end of the day, most businesses haven’t even set up their tracking. Okay? And we just go [inaudible] and [inaudible 00:03:36], and we’re like, “You got to do this, you got got to do this, you got to do this.” And we skipped right over the tracking, so educate them.

Joe Troyer: So the way that we like to do this, is we like to set up tracking and conversion tracking, to make sure that we’re dropping pixels for retargeting across all the platforms. We like to be omni channel, right? And omni relevant, okay so omni relevant, we’re always showing up with a retargeting, omni channel, we’re across all the platforms. Okay? And we can do this very effectively, and on a budget, with remarketing or retargeting, right? Only paying for impressions, or only paying for clicks. Okay, so we can seem like where the Coca Cola, or we’re the the Apple of the industry, without their budget. Okay, so I like to do this, the one important thing here is, I like to start off by using Google tag manager. So, I will go set up Google Tag Manager, or my team will, we will give our client the snippet to install on their website for Google Tag Manager. We will then set up, and do all of the rest of the tracking set up, through Google Tag Manager.

Joe Troyer: So they only ever need to install one piece of code, right on their website. Okay? No more like, “Oops, shit, my developer overwrote that theme, and this piece tracking is gone, but this one’s still here, and this other one’s not here.” This can just be a disaster. Trust me. For those of you guys that have been in the space for a long time, you’re like, “Yeah, man, we should have been using Tag Manager for a long time.” So, I would set up the tracking and help them understand what they’re going to get out of it. They’re going to know what marketing is working and what marketing isn’t, but they’re also going to be able to start setting up the pixels for remarketing or retargeting, right? And that’s the biggest play. Okay, so next, after tracking, is we want to be omni present, and we want to be omni channel. And these are two of the topics that I talked about in one of the presentations last week at this event.

Joe Troyer: So, omni present and omni channel, the way that we do that, again, is through retargeting or remarketing. Okay, so we do this, right? So, when a customer comes to our website, right? Or they have an interaction with our brand on Facebook or YouTube, 99% of them aren’t going to buy. Right? They’re going to leave. That doesn’t mean that they’ve made their buying decision, right? Or that they finalized their decision on who they’re going to purchase from. That just means that they got distracted, right? Oops, squirrel. Right? And they’re off to the next thing. Okay, so we like to sell retargeting and remarketing to help convert those people into customers. Okay. And guys, this is like, this is layup sales. This is like, you could set this shit up, in terms of retargeting and remarketing completely ass backwards, like my seven year old son, Silas, could set this up, and still add 10, 20, even 30% more conversions, just by setting it up and following the onscreen instructions.

Joe Troyer: Does this make sense to everybody, in terms of what to sell and why? Kind of the rollout, so to speak. If you guys could give me some feedback in the chat. And then there’s some ways that we like quite literally supercharge this stuff, in terms of retargeting and remarketing, that nobody in this space is doing. Okay? By all means, just getting in front of them, you’re going to add 10% more sales, you’re going to add 20%, even more sales, and you’re going to be able to show it and prove it with retargeting, just by doing. But then you can take it to a whole nother level. Give me some feedback and I can talk about a whole nother level real quick. If you guys want me to do that, right? You guys want me to do that? Give me some feedback here.

Joe Troyer: All right, next level please. Yeah. Let’s see, what’s Zach saying? Let’s talk about it. All right, cool. So, one of the things I like to do with my remarketing and retargeting, is the first seven days to 14 days, depending on the offer, depending on the business, and what they’re promoting, if they’re promoting one product or they’re promoting 10 products, I like to have an indoctrination sequence, okay, for retargeting and remarketing. And, what I mean by that is I want to control the narrative about my brand. Okay? Over the first seven to 14 days. I want to do that essentially through storytelling, and we can do this. Indoctrination is getting somebody to understand your beliefs, or understand certain things, without any preconceived notions. So we can do this through remarketing and retargeting by storyteller, okay?

Joe Troyer: If we want them to think that we’re a passionate company, we can show some ads with somebody crying, saying the amazing results that they got with our company. We can show an ad for a roofing company saying, every single year we donate a portion of our proceeds to this charity. We can show them an ad saying, this is what we do every single year, we donate a house to a veteran. If we want them to think that we are experts, we can give them tips and tricks saying, watch out for these common pitfalls and mistakes that homeowners make when they’re hiring a roofer. Here’s number one, right? Here’s tip number two, here’s tip number three. Understand that we can truly control the narrative and what somebody thinks about our brand, over the first seven to 14 days, or whatever that timeline is, from inception of them hearing about our company. Give me some feedback in the chat if this is like some next level shit, right? Nobody’s talking about this stuff.

Joe Troyer: Zach says, “Joe Troyer, you on it today.” Yes sir. So guys, I could spend an hour just talking about this. But then what we want to do is we want to go in and we want to start dropping … Over time we want to drop an offer. Okay, we want to drop a specific offer about a service that they have, then we want to show a review about that, right? Same type of offer. Then we want to show a, before and after, a case study or a testimonial about it. Then the next week we’re want to move to the next product or service. Okay? And by controlling frequency, and how often people see your ads, we can really, really bring down the cost for retargeting, so that they only see that ad once a day, right? And you’re changing up the banner is so often, there’s no banner blindness. So guess what happens? Your click through rate, and your cost per click, your click through rate goes through the roof, your cost per click goes crazy down, okay? And you just get crazy amazing results with retargeting and remarketing.

Joe Troyer: Okay, I’ve seen literally a 30% increase in sales just from remarketing and retargeting. Okay, so next up, what’s up after that? Okay, so if this person is doing accounting, then what I’m going to do is I’m going to go for a very small cost per click, cost per acquisition type of play from Google search. And the reason that I’m going to go after Google search versus let’s say, like Facebook, or any type of display ad, is because I want people searching for the product, so that they have intent to buy, and that we’re not just interrupting them with a great offer and hoping that they’ll actually step into our business, that they’ll actually come into the dentist office or the accounting office, and actually do business. It can be very, very hard to get somebody’s attention,t on Facebook, and then actually get them to do something once you’ve got their attention. Okay, we need to make sure that we’re getting patients, or customers, in the seats, inside the office.

Joe Troyer: So what I would do here, is I would focus specifically on call only ads, on Google Ads. Why? Because the cost per acquisition is going to be much less than the rest of their campaigns. Right? So they can get started there, they can perfect there, that can start to get some more volume, not just recovering more of the advertising dollars that they’re already spending with remarketing or retargeting. From there then, I would expand from just call only ads, to mobile ads in general on Google Ads, okay? Because call only ads aren’t going to show all the time. Your impression share isn’t going to ever hit a hundred, right? So you’re going to have to run mobile ads as well. Okay, so I would run mobile ads and guys, there’s so much search volume on mobile these days, it’s crazy and we want to take advantage of somebody being on mobile and making a split second decision, and calling us in those high conversion rates, versus sending somebody from desktop to a landing page, and letting the landing page have to sell them.

Joe Troyer: Right? We’ve seen conversions drop from 30, 40% on mobile, to like quite literally 10 or 15%, if we’re lucky, on a desktop site. So that’s what I would do here, mobile ads on Google ads. And then finally I do a tablet and computer campaigns rollout on Google Ads. And then from there, we can just go crazy. We can jump over to Bing Ads, with Bing you’re not going to get, typically, you’re not going to get near as much volume. The CPA sometimes will be a lot lower. It really depends upon the demographics of the people that you’re going after though. Okay, one note here for bing, is if the market that you guys are showing ads to is senior, or not tech savvy, this can typically do very well with Bing. Okay? You can oftentimes actually get some really good volume, and you can do it at a cheap price.

Joe Troyer: The reason why is this is the demographic that buys a brand new Windows computer, that comes with Internet Explorer by default installed, and the default search engine is Microsoft, and they never change it. Okay, so if that’s your target, you should definitely be thinking about Bing ads sooner rather than later. Okay then after this, right, then I would start to worry about local SEO, and kind of maps/organic rankings. Okay, does this logic makes sense to everybody? Just give a one, give me a thumbs up, give me something. I don’t know, I think you can do hearts now on YouTube, in terms of live streams. I don’t know, get something to pop up in my life, making sure that I understand that we’re on the same page. Good stuff? I don’t know why I keep having to hit like show, because some people’s messages aren’t showing it. Okay, cool. I think it’s like when everybody says, “one” it’s like YouTube’s moderating it. It’s like, “Yeah. I don’t know if we should show this or not.” All right, cool. Great. Good stuff. All right.

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