How To Silo YouTube Channel

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  1. Aaron

    Do the other videos added to the playlist have to be creative commons, or can just they just be regular videos?

    • Joe Troyer

      Any video is fine Aaron…

  2. Viki

    Do we need to change transcript on videos so Google doesn’t see it as duplicate content, or does that go under the radar too?

    • Joe Troyer

      No need 😉

      • Viki


  3. Robert

    Thanks for this Joe.
    Really looking forward to the next video!

    • Joe Troyer

      You got it Robert 🙂

  4. Jason

    Thanks Joe, awesome concept. I will be getting onto this immediately 🙂

    • Joe Troyer

      Thanks for the comment Jason have an awesome day!

  5. Carolyn

    Joe – the idea here is to create the playlist of ours and other videos for the purpose that the playlist ranks?

    • Carolyn

      OK I rewatched the video a few more times – the big why is that using these silos helps the individual videos that we want to rank – right?

  6. Pieter Prinsloo

    You really practice what you preach when it comes to leading with value Joe! I’ll be doubling up on my Digital Triggers education and will definitely tweet this video out to my following. Keep rocking!

  7. Dtatch

    after siloing several of my videos onto playlists plus adding a few from other ppl to juice it up how long would I expect before any results are visble ? are we talking hours /days /weeks /months ? anyone had rank gains for their vids using this awesome tactic ? cheers

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