The Best Way To Start A PPC Campaign For A Local Business


Joe Troyer: … and Roman asks, “What’s the best way to start a PPC campaign for a local business?”

Joe Troyer: I’m going to give you guys the frickin’ skinny, the frickin’ skinny, the real deal, a huge, huge opportunity right now, whether you’re a local business trying to run a PPC campaign for yourself. I don’t care if you failed 100 times before or you’re an agency, and you want to use this as a way to get your foot in the door and get some clients. There is a huge opportunity inside of the marketplace right now with Google and PPC campaigns, especially for local businesses. Okay?

Joe Troyer: So this is it. This is it. I’m going to break it down for you. So this should work for any real local or [inaudible] based business, where the preferred method of contact from the consumer is a phone call, right? Not a form, not a checkout. Okay? That’s the only real caveat.

Joe Troyer: So run mobile call only to kick off the campaign. Okay? And run that ’til it dies, right? Run that forever, until Google gets rid of it, and I don’t see it going anywhere, but run that forever.

Joe Troyer: So here’s the thing, a typical mobile campaign with Google, when you’re not running mobile call only campaigns, let’s say that the typical conversion rate, let’s say it’s 10%. If you run a call only campaign, typical conversion rate on the low end is 33%.

Joe Troyer: So what I mean by that is, when you run a call only campaign, right? Somebody is going to go to Google, they’re going to type in their search query, AC Repair, West Palm Beach. Well, let’s say Heater Repair, West Palm Beach, since it’s like fucking 46 degrees here. Cold as shit in Florida, yeah. Right? Then they’re going to click on the ad, and it’s going to be a phone number. They’re going to click on it, and it’s going to pop up on their phone, right? It’s going to say, “Call this number,” and then they’re going to have to hit call. Okay?

Joe Troyer: So not every person is going to hit call, right? Grandma is going to go, “Oh shit, I didn’t mean to do that. No, no, no, no, no. I didn’t want to make a phone call.” Right? So not everybody’s going to convert into a call, okay? On the low end, no, this number is really on the low end, you’re going to have 33%. After running a metric shit ton of campaigns, typical call only, low end conversion rates, 33%, okay?

Joe Troyer: Just by running more mobile call only ads, you’re going to save 70% of ad spend. Boom. 70% of ad spend. Look at that. Look at that. That’s huge. So if you’re an agency right now, right? You’re a freelancer, right? You service local businesses, you help local businesses get more clients. Think about that. Think about being able to show very easily and very simply to a local business, right? Any business, really, where the preferred method of contact is the phone that you can save them 70% of their ad spend. Who’s going to tell you no? Oh, right? Who’s going to tell you no?

Joe Troyer: You want an opportunity right now? You want to make a $1,000 today? Here it is. Screenshot right here. This is it. Challenge, challenge you, challenge you. Anybody in the next 24 hours, go sell a PPC campaign, right?, based on what we just talked about today.

Joe Troyer: One-on-one consult with me, Joe Troyer, typically charge at least $500 bucks to do one of these, very often, $1,000, $1,200 bucks to do a consult. I’ll do one for free. Just cut up our support desk. Guys, that’s it. That’s frickin’ it. This is huge, okay? If you’re not running call only, you are missing the frickin’ bus.

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