The Most Successful Way To Get Clients


Joe Troyer: The next question is from Bienvenue. What’s your most successful way of getting clients? So I talked about this a little bit earlier in the AMA session but in our agency the most successful way of getting clients is via the phone, is via cold calls on the phone. It bar-none gets us the most clients. I understand that the phone sucks for a lot of people. People are scared of the phone. I get it.

Joe Troyer: But if you knew that if you faced your fears that you would make more money than anything else that you did, wouldn’t you do it? If you knew that the phone had the most impact, the most revenue and got you the best results for every minute that you invested in it wouldn’t you do that? Yeah. So it’s got to be something that you test. I’m not saying don’t do it if it doesn’t work out for you but you got to give it a shot.

Joe Troyer: So for me for example, with cold email going after one vertical I could bring on … I could get two to three appointments a day in one vertical. Real-life example here. Eventually I’m going to run out of good leads to go after with cold email. I’m going to have a lot more leads to deal with with actual cold calls. And instead of two to three appointments a day, often via the phone our team, just one person on our team working full-time on this could set eight to ten appointments a day for me.

Joe Troyer: Is that worth it? Give me some feedback in the chat. Is that worth it? Okay so I wanted to give you guys a real example so you guys could really understand what the heck I talk about when I talk about cold calls and why I love them so much. I understand they’re not fun but if they work better that everything else why wouldn’t you do it? Yeah.

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