The Right Way to Order Citations Without Raising a Red Flag with Google


Joe Troyer: Roger asks, “When you order your citations,” so he’s talking about local directory citations, right, “Do you have them do, the vendor do all of them at once or do you break it into smaller quantities so Google doesn’t wonder what’s happening?” So guys, for me, at the end of the day, this is a small dollar activity. Like it doesn’t cost that much money. Frankly, at the end of the day, Google knows when you build planks. So let’s just skip the fact that we’re trying to hide things from Google. I don’t think that that’s a necessary conversation that we should be having. I think it’s frankly a waste of brain power to constantly be thinking about is Google, big brother, watching. Guys, we know that they are. So instead let’s just do things the right way and the way that’s going to stand the test of time. Whether you buy things in big quantities or small quantities, they’re going to know. So with citations, I just get the whole lot right out of the gate.

Joe Troyer: And so when we do citations, we order citations, and I believe it’s 300 that we buy, and we do them all at once. And does Google wonder what’s happening? Yeah, they see the links coming in. But does the link velocity between 200 citations and 300 citations really make that big of a difference? Frankly guys, I don’t think so. And for me it’s a lot of like management and mental bandwidth to go remember that a task needs to happen next month that takes five minutes. Like that stuff makes me anxious. Like me building up my to-do list when I can just do something today and not have to do it tomorrow, like that shit makes me go crazy. So my advice is don’t worry about that. Just order the whole lot immediately. Don’t wait, don’t try to drip them out.

Joe Troyer: Derek asks, “Is that regardless of Sinwire or networks or local directories?” Yeah, the same for Sinwire. If you’re going to go buy accounts on all the networks, don’t try to drip out, “I’m going to set up one account per day for the next 40 days until I have all the networks set up inside the account.” No, just go buy all of them. Just go get them all done as soon as you can.
Joe Troyer: Now, the one disclaimer that I would give here is if you got a thousand accounts inside of Sinwire blasting that thing all day, every day, is going to cause an eyebrow, and I wouldn’t do that. But this isn’t going to cause an eyebrow. This is normal.This is completely normal.

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