Threats Of Small Marketing Agencies From Larger Funded Corporations


Joe Troyer: Jeffery and Abe asks, “What threat do you see in the near future to small marketing agencies from larger heavily-funded corporations when it comes to selling to local businesses?” This is a great question. This is a really good question. I’ve answered that a little bit in some of my past videos about how I think you guys should be marketing in 2019 and on and what the biggest opportunities are for 2019 and beyond.

Joe Troyer: Really, at the end of the day, I think it’s about building raving fans, fans that know, like, and trust you. People that will jump on a webinar with you. Literally five minutes before the webinar, you send out an email and you’re like, “Having a webinar. Come hang out with me,” and you get a couple hundred people on a call. That’s important. Building raving fans that want to buy from you is important.

Joe Troyer: I think it’s about constructing a funnel and constructing a business and constructive services that are going to turn strangers into raving fans, so the way that I suggest that you guys do that is to build out a foot in the door type of product. Start with one. Perfect the funnel and then you can add more, but at least one where no one can compete with you in the industry.

Joe Troyer: Let’s say that you’re an agency and you specialize in attorneys. Build out a solution, one solution, for attorneys that does that thing better than anybody else and just fucking give it away. You will literally destroy the competition, literally destroy the competition. Everybody will talk about you. They will refer the crap out of you. You can give it away for free, and then what? Everybody loves you. All the attorneys are gonna take your phone calls. All the attorneys are gonna get on your webinars. All attorneys are going to listen to what you have to say. Why? Because you built raving fans.

Joe Troyer: Come up with an offer that nobody else can fricking compete with, and then second, just stay in front of those people. Stay in front of them. On all the platforms these days, all these social platforms are where everybody’s at. Don’t really just on email. Email’s great, but once you have prospect list, you have your list of attorneys that have bought everything from you or that have gotten in on your free piece of software, then stay in front of them and pitch your other services. Stay in front of them with content and come up with more solutions to help them. That is how you’re gonna crush it.

Joe Troyer: These big, huge, large, heavy funded corporations, so to speak, that are agencies, they’re not gonna do that. They’re gonna come up with subpar solutions that really aren’t the best solution for your customers. They’re not going to build good relationships with them. They’re gonna have some pesky sales guy that’s calling them every single day as a telemarketer, won’t leave them alone, that they don’t really like, and as soon as the sale happens and the relationship starts, the sales guys turns them over to an account manager. What the hell just happened to relationship?

Joe Troyer: That, for me, I believe is how. That’s how I believe we stay above the big, larger, heavily-funded corporations when it comes to serving companies as a marketing agency, and to be frank, if you take this advice, I think you can apply it to any business. This is what you do. I don’t care if you’re [inaudible] if you’re an e-commerce business. You create an irresistible offer. You get people to take you up on that and they’ll love that offer, and then you offer them more stuff and then you stay in front of them, your brand, you. You control your image and what they think about you. You give them good contact, and then guess what? We’ve got a brand new solution for this and you roll out a new solution and boom goes the dynamite. Instead of marketing a product to five prospects that you have, you’re marketing a prospect to 3000 customers that have bought something.

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