Top 3 Takeaways From The Marketers Elite Live Event


Joe Troyer: All right. So, next is I wanted to talk about the event that I was just at last week in Orlando. So, this event was Friday and Saturday, and the event was called The Marketers Elite. Okay? It was called The Marketers Elite event. It was a social media marketing agency event. Most people there were talking about Facebook. There was a lot of talk about click funnels, and a lot of people running ads as an agency for other businesses. So, I wanted to share with you guys real quick my top three takeaways from The Marketers Elite live event.

Joe Troyer: First and foremost, guys, is that content is great. Okay? Content is great, but networking is where it’s at. All the deals and all the revenue, and all the truly transforming information, I believe comes from one-on-one or small group type of networking for the most part. That is the rule of thumb. That for me is the 80/20. At the end of the day, folks, if you joined us on the AMA, the first thing that we talked about was kind of my travel schedule. And it looks a little nuts, and people were commenting in the chat like, “Holy crap. Why are you going to so many events?” And it’s because of number one. Right?

Joe Troyer: At the end of the day, when I look at … For me, what is the 80/20, and what are the things that make the biggest difference in my business? It’s number one. The place that I have those ah-ha moments and I get that networking is events, either mastermind events or live events. Or big events, small events. It doesn’t matter. But, number one is very important for me, so much so that I’m committing to traveling and sponsoring, or speaking at or just attending an event once a month until the end of the year.

Joe Troyer: Marketing through networking truly moves the needle. To kind of push this point home even more, number two, never skip a lunch or dinner. Never skip a lunch or a dinner. This one’s odd for me, because this is where great networking happens. But for those of you guys that have been following me for some time, or at least recently, I fast through lunch. I don’t eat lunch. So, it’s very easy for me to be like, “Yeah. I’m not eating, so I’m not going to go to lunch.” Right, and for me to just skip that. But guys, great, great networking happens during those lunches and during those dinners.

Joe Troyer: The events at break and everybody’s like, “Yeah. We’re going to dinner,” or, “We’re going to lunch.” Pick a different group every single time and roll with that group, and you will get some great, great networking in. Last but not least, tip number three, guys. Just never underestimate one nugget or one relationship. My business partner right now, Rob Warner at InvisiblePPC, one of the businesses that I’m in, met from a networking event. Another business owner and business that I’ve been involved with met at a networking event.

Joe Troyer: You guys never know who it is that it’s in the room and the relationship that you’re going to build, and where that’s going to go. For me, guys, to be 100% honest with you, I go to these events. I’m an introvert. I can jump up on stage and start speaking and you guys all can, we all can. It’s an on/off switch that we can activate, but I’m an introvert. I don’t like walking up and talking to random people. I’m shy to that extent. Me going and introducing myself, I want you guys to know, this isn’t easy for me. This isn’t easy for me. It doesn’t come natural for me. But number one, this is such a priority that I’m making a part of my agenda, and throughout at least the end of the year to hit one event.

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