Ultimate Guide to Building an SEO Agency: Ideal Prospects


Joe Troyer: All right So next up is your ideal prospects.

Joe Troyer: How many of you guys, I’m curious, that are joining me live, have really thought through and said, “Here’s who I’m doing business with and here’s who I’m not.” Give me some feedback in the chat. And I mean past just like a niche. I mean, first step is a niche. First step is a niche. And for me, if you would ask me three years ago, what do I think about when it comes to niche qualification or what do I like in a niche? For me, I would say that I don’t want to chase people. I’ve always said that. So for me, I’m not such a fan of white collar types of verticals. I’d rather go after blue collar.

Joe Troyer: I would still say that today, but I would push that even further and say whoever it is that I’m working with, I have to like. I have to like the general type of person that we’re going to sell and that needs to be the criteria. If I think the guy’s the biggest asshole ever, the rule is don’t onboard him and I don’t wanna do business with him. I would want 100% have a no asshole policy and I almost just said hassle. No asshole.

Joe Troyer: Okay, but what else can we deem necessary? So we can say that they’re at least a $1 million business. And depending on the vertical that you’re going after understand that a million is kind of a very blanketed statement. That’s kind of bullshit. Think about a florist doing $1 million and what that would take versus a roofing company doing $1 million. Obviously the average ticket is night and day different. If you’re a roofing company and you’re not doing $1 million, something’s wrong. You just started the business yesterday.

Joe Troyer: So $1 million could be a good thing to talk about. But I think that you’ll find in your specific niche, I think that you’ll find better criteria. So let’s say you’re going after insurance agents, you’re going to want to make sure that they have at least five agents. Or if you’re going after dentists, it’s a practice that has at least three dentists. If you’re going after a roofing company, they have at least two crews and they have at least 10 sales guys.

Joe Troyer: And the other criteria that I would make in that circumstance is that they’re not storm chasing. Storm chasers aren’t set up to take inbound phone calls and then convert them into paid customers. Their business is set up to: a storm happens, they get on the road, they don’t care how far they have to drive. It could be a day drive, it could be five days drive, and then they go canvas the entire neighborhoods that were messed up by storm. Door to door. That’s their business model. So obviously that’s not going to work with our services and what we can offer somebody.

Joe Troyer: So we want to come up with our criteria. So it could be a million dollar business, it could be X amount of technicians, it could be what else? X amount of dentists. It could be that they have a marketing director or somebody that runs their marketing. That could be important to you. So we want to build out this ideal prospect pool. And the reason that I say this is because as we keep building and stacking and layering different components in here, in my experience, if you’re not very, very careful, you’ll end up prospecting at the end to people that you never would want to do business with because it just fit your criteria.

Joe Troyer: And longterm, I don’t think that there’s anything more important than happiness when it comes to entrepreneurship or just life in general. I think that’s the most important thing. If you hate waking up and going into the office everyday or working every day, what do you think your results are going to be like? You might be able to deal with it for a certain amount of time, but then you’re going to just fricking hate life.

Joe Troyer: Let’s see what you guys said in the chat. Totally. Yes. Looks good. Okay. Carolyn said she had some issues getting on today. Yeah, Carolyn, welcome. I’m sorry you had some issues with that. I had some issues as well. I didn’t even know if I was going to be able to get the webinar started in time, but glad you made it.

Joe Troyer: So at the end of the day, one thing that I like to talk about when it comes to ideal prospects is that I don’t want to be the savior and what I mean by that is that they’re not relying on our relationship, meaning business owner or owners and I and my agency to pull them out of a horrible situation or they’re going to have huge ramifications inside their business. How many of you guys, I’m curious, have taken on a deal like that? Give me a nine in the chat.

Joe Troyer: How did that, for those of you guys that are giving me a nine, how did that turn out longterm? I’m curious. Did that work out in your favor or did it blow up in your face? Every single time I’ve ever done that, guys, it’s blown up in my face. Every single time. I’m not going to be the savior. At the end of the day, it’s way too much stress, way too much stress. It’s horrible. Trust me when I say you really don’t want that feeling.

Joe Troyer: Somebody needs to teach me how to use this thing. There we go. All right, so not the savior. And I would also put in here some type of characteristics that they’re spending money on advertising. And it sounds silly, But if they have no expectations in terms of advertising and they have no advertising that’s working, how are you as a marketer supposed to make it better and do your job? Your job is not to help them figure out what’s lacking when they get a meeting with a prospect and they go pitch their services. If they don’t have that figured out and you just pour gas on the marketing and get them more phone calls and get them more meetings, is that going to result in them getting more business and being able to see a return on investment from what you helped them with? Of course not.

Joe Troyer: So let’s not be naive if they don’t have a practice of turning a prospect into a customer and have that proven specifically with cold traffic run the other way. So even past spent the money on advertising, I would say converting cold traffic. Any other thoughts, concerns, suggestions, questions on ideal prospects before we move on?

Joe Troyer: Give you guys a second here. Andre just jumped on and said he was having problems would GoTo. Yeah, man, I’m so sorry. GoTo’s screwing up today. We barely got the call started in time. All right, fantastic. Good stuff.