What’s A Reasonable Fee To Charge A Client Implementing Your 7 Starter Google Ads Campaigns?


Joe Troyer: Next up. Eros asks if I were to run your suggested seven Google ads campaigns for a client at a dollar per day, so this is the seven Google ads starter campaign, that would all in all cost $210 per month. In your experience, what’s a reasonable fee that a client would be willing to pay for this service to someone like me that has no previous experience?

Joe Troyer: First things first, Eros, get some experience. Right? Why not? I’m sure you know somebody that runs a business that isn’t running those seven starter campaigns. Take screenshots of my slides and say, “This is what I’ll do for you, and I’ll do it for free. In return, I want three referrals, and I want a testimonial on the amazing job I’m going to do for you.”

Joe Troyer: Now, you have experience, now you have referrals, AKA customers. Right? Like, I feel like we all get trapped in this, I don’t have a customer, I don’t have proof. Go get some freaking proof, right?

Joe Troyer: To really answer your real question, how much could you charge, I think it really depends on your deliverable. Are you setting it up once and kind of leaving it? Right? Or are you every month are you split testing those seven campaigns? That’s going to change the value that you provide. Right? The other thing that you have to understand is it’s going to depend on the vertical that you’re in, because the value that you provide is going to be different in different verticals. Right? The value that you provide to a plastic surgeon that has a $15,000 average customer value is going to be different than the value that you provide to a florist that has a transaction value of $55 to $65. Right? Like, what’s the justification that you need for the plastic surgeon that you’re crushing it for them?

Joe Troyer: You got them one customer a month from one of these seven campaigns, they’re going to be happy. Okay, so it’s these are the things that I would think through if I were you.

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