2 Ways You Can Benchmark Your Price Per Call/Price Per Lead


Joe Troyer: You’ve got to get the benchmark. If you don’t have the benchmark, you’re losing money every time. Every time. Okay? So you can kind of do the obvious, right? Like the first way is you can get a snapshot of their current stats, right? Right. So you could look at their AdWords account, you could look at their Bing account, or you could combine some data. You could really look into things and listen to some phone calls, and you could aggregate that all together to come up with what you thought was a fair price per qualified call.

Joe Troyer: What’s the problem with that? What’s the problem with that? What’s the problem with that?

Joe Troyer: Ed says, “Feels like the first time I’ve been given truth.” You guys better be joining me like fricking every single Wednesday after today’s all out fricking webinar. I should’ve just charged you guys 500 bucks to be here. “Best webinar from you yet.” Damn Andre. “The call only ad clowns are going down.” Problem with this is, Frankie is always here. You are always here.

Joe Troyer: What’s the problem with this right here? What’s the problem with you going and rolling up your sleeves and getting a snapshot of their stats and getting that benchmark, right? And the benchmark, really guys, is a qualified call, is what you guys should be selling. A qualified call should be 30 plus seconds unless the call hit voicemail. Why? Because you can’t check for intent. Not everybody’s going to leave voicemail, and you shouldn’t get penalized for them not answering the phone.

Joe Troyer: There’s intent from the consumer for industry services, and they’re in the, for me, I always tell territories as counties, they’re in the county that the customer signed up for. Okay? And this can be multiple, but some are only one counties, right? So this is a qualified call. So at the end of the day, we’re trying to get a benchmark for a qualified call. Okay?

Joe Troyer: So the first way that you can do it is based upon a snapshot of a customer’s current steps. What’s the problem with that? Come on. I need you guys thinking. What’s the problem with that? You guys already told me that nobody has this shit set up right? How many of the people that you’ve talked to have call tracking set up? How many of them are using dynamic keyword insertion, right? How many of them are using dynamic referer tracking, right? The data isn’t accurate, or they have no fricking data.

Joe Troyer: Can I get a zero from everybody in the chat that you guys get this, right? And if you tried to do number one, you would have all kinds of problems getting it done, right? They wouldn’t let you do it. They’d just be standing in the way and if they actually let you do it, you should charge a whole lot of money for that. Give me a zero if that makes sense. Give me a zero. Yeah. All right.

Joe Troyer: So there’s no data, right? The problem with this is that there is no data based on their current stats. They’re not tracking the fucking right things.

Joe Troyer: So the other way, how many of you guys know the answer to this? Because you’ve been on the AMAs, you guys have been paying attention, you guys have actually heard me talk about the correct way to sell paper call. I answered this in the last couple of weeks by the way, folks. But nobody fucking saw it. Not paying attention.

Joe Troyer: What’s the right way to do this? What’s the right way to benchmark? Yeah, Isaiah Adams, you got it brother. All right, so the correct way to do this, we run a 30 day test. Okay. This is the way that we do it. Okay. If we run a 30 day test, they cover spend. Okay? For the ads. We cover set up. Set up and testing for the 30 days.

Joe Troyer: So this is what we do. We pitch them a 30 day test, and guys I will give you guys the details on exactly how to pitch this. I just need you guys to understand that this is the way to benchmark and high level how we’re going to do this. Once you understand that, give me a one in the chat and we will move on. I will not move on until you guys get this. Okay?

Joe Troyer: So the way that we benchmark is we run a 30 day test. Okay? They cover Google ad spend. Okay? We set up the account. Okay. We set up the account, we set up all the ads, we run the testing, and we manage that thing for 30 days for free. They just cover Google ad spend. Does that make sense? Give me a one if that makes sense, please. One, one, one, one, one. Yes. Pay that. They pay the ad spend Larry. All right, lots of ones. Looks like everybody’s got it. All right.

Joe Troyer: So Isaiah has a good question. He says, “So if I already have sites ranking and generating calls I need to scrap that for now and offer the 30 day trial, right?” Yes, you are correct. So this is how you’re going to qualify people is you’re going to take them through this benchmark test. Okay? The benchmark test is going to let you know if they’re a good customer, how they work with you, right? Do they pay Google on time, right? And you’re going to get an acceptable price at the end of the day. You’re going to have Google stats.

Joe Troyer: How many of you guys have sold a paper call deal, and you become the enemy? Give me a two if you become the enemy. It’s just too expensive, man. I’m getting leads for better prices everywhere else and man, you’re killing me. I need this for my business, but I got to get better quality and I just can’t pay as much. And you’re the enemy, right? Yeah. So you know how to not be the enemy? You benchmark, right? We’re going to let Google be the enemy. We’re going to let Google be the enemy. We’re going to get the benchmark from Google. Okay? And at the end of the 30 day test, we’re going to show them, right? We’re going to boil down with them how much a qualified call was. I’m gonna repeat that. Once the 30 days is over, we’re going to break down the stats for them.

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