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Hair Treament Company Ranking Top 3 For All Desired Keywords

Mold Remediation Company Ranking Across Multiple Cities For All Desired Keywords

Pest Control Company Dominating Ranking #2 In Maps & #2 In Organically

Pest Control Company Also Ranking For Top 3 Service Keywords

Local Flooring Company Dominating In Dallas & Surrounding Cities

Local Flooring Company Ranking For BRANDS Of Flooring Gains National Industry Attention

Columbus Appliance Repair Ranking 1st in Maps

Mobile Dent Repair NYC Ranking 4th in Organic and 1st in Maps

Real Estate Solutions Company's Month-Over-Month Performance Highlights

In 5 months (09/2018-01/2019) the total number of conversions were 2,701. In Google, CPA increased by 5.57%, and conversions increased by 5.35%. In Bing, CPA increased by 9.52% and conversions increased by 3.96%.
Below is a breakdown:

In January 2019, we had 647.70 total conversions. In Google, out of the 456.70 conversions, 401.80 were form fills. The cost per lead increased by +12.76% and conversions increased by +76.47%.In Bing, 191 conversions. Our cost per lead decreased by -16.41% and our conversions increased by 69.03%.

In December 2018 we had 364.50 total conversions. Out of the 252.50 conversions from Google, 219.60 were form fills. The CPA in Google increased by +10.20% and conversions decreased by -18.99%.In Bing, 112 conversions. Our CPA increased by +27.33% and our conversions decreased by -34.50%.

In November 2018 we had 477.70 total conversions. Out of the 308.70 conversions from Google, 255.60 were form fills. The CPA in Google increased by +2.81% and conversions decreased by -30.96%.In Bing, 169 conversions. Our CPA increased by +5.56% and our conversions decreased by -7.65%.

In October 2018, we had 627.80 total conversions. Out of the 445.80 conversions from Google, 380.10 were form fills. The CPA in Google increased by 19.27% and conversions increased by 16.69%.
In Bing, 182 conversions. Our CPA increased by 26.95% and our conversions decreased by -11.65%.

In September 2018, we had 583.35 total conversions. Out of the 377.35 conversions from Google, 325.45 were form fills. The CPA in Google decreased by -17.18% and conversions decreased by -16.47%.
In Bing, 206 conversions. Our CPA increased by 4.18% and our conversions increased by 4.57%.

Brand New Customer

“ My Amazon affiliate site has now found its way ti page one after 8 months of constant work to it. Looking forward to some commission now. “ - George negron

Local Lead Gen Mastery

Some Short Videos From Our Client

Ranking My Clients On Google Maps Page 1 in 2-3 Days...

"The amount of content they give away is just insane. I've ranked my clients on Google Maps page 1 in 2-3 days... Joe walks us through this and much more."

Rilwan Agiri

Just Follow The Process - I've Already Got Rankings, Calls & A Client

"All I did was follow the process. I watched the recordings, and just followed step by step. Picked up some domains for 1 niche, built out the sites optimized, built some backlinks and followed the maps portion and low and behold we have rankings in the 3 pack for some high competition keywords. Then after that I followed the process to sell someone the leads too. The phone rang one day and I took all the prospects info and immediately got on the phone to find someone to send these leads to. I found someone on my second try.... I just spoke to the contractor and signed a deal for 10% of any new business created. A lead just came through last Friday and we nailed a $3,000 job. Thats $300 for me."

Rob Richards

1 Week After The Site Was Indexed: 16 Results In The 3 Pack

Sold Lead Gen Site For $1500+ $30 Per Call

"I sold a landscaping lead gen deal for $1500 + $30 Per Call Generated!I love Digital Triggers because of all the real world awesome training, and your support is awesome!"

Mike Herrarra, Targeted Marketing Media Inc

Newbie Ranks In 3 Pack In Less Than 14 Days

"I'm brand new to SEO, I was able to rank in the 3 pack in google maps in the first 2 weeks. Im very excited about building out more sites and ranking them for their specific keywords."

Errol Francis

$1,000 mo/ For Lead Gen

"I up sold a past client to $1,000 Per Month Lead Gen Deal."

Dj Nichols


Tons Of First Page Listings - Already Getting Leads

"Water Damage Model - Ton Of First Page Listings - Those translated into leads. Im in the process of selling the leads now. The approach is significantly easier than selling SEO. When you have real value up front. If your on the fence, Joe and his team give great value. They've given me results and they'll give you results too if you apply yourself."

John Kelly

Execution Maps Helped Me Land My First Client Ever

"I'm a student so I don’t have too much money laying around. Was scared, skeptical and worried. Execution Maps helped me land my first ever client - and I'm in talks with a second client."

Umair Malik

Ranked For 30 Cities Within 20 Minutes

"Ranked for 30 cities within 20 minutes I started seeing results. Within a week I started getting calls from potential clients. I highly recommend."

Natalie Tom

$8,000 Up Front & $850 Mo + 47 Calls In 10 Days

"Dentist $8,000 up front, and $850 mo. Will be up-selling to $1,400 mo/. Rank on page 1 of google maps - seo and video on first page as well. 4 Leads Today +n 47 Calls So Far In The First 10 Days Of The Month."

Kevin W

Client Ranks #1 For The State & City In Google Maps

"Clients doing excellent with Google Maps. Chiropractor listing in top spot in the state and the city! I owe most if not all the credit to you and your products because its not just one thing its everything. Again thanks so much for everything you've done!"

Les Martin

My Bank Account Went From 0 - Thousands Per Month

"Initially I has some skepticism. My Bank Account Went From 0 - Thousands Per Month. Honestly I don't feel like I know what Im doing. However with the tools, software, tips you come across as the foremost expert. I look forward to 2016. Shout out to the digital triggers family. Peace."

James Hunter

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