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Today’s interview features Ajit Nawalkha who is a Senior Partner at Mindvalley, CEO of Mindvalley Media & Co-Founder of Mindvalley Italy.

If you’re unfamiliar with MindValley they have revenues of more than 8 figures annually, has about 200 employees from dozens of countries, with more than 150 of them working at its main office in Malaysia.

Ajit provides insights into how Mindvalley is run, the 2 ways to work on a business and how to go from one product to a product warehouse.

He also mentions how to create a million dollar business in 12 months.

He tells me about the process they use for selling products and how they’ve managed to shorten it from 3 months to 3 weeks and plan to make it even shorter.

We chat a bit about managing your self, how he starts his day, his productivity sheet and accompanying ten-minute video, inbox zero and how we underestimate our own power.

Lastly, he details the different channels that Mindvalley uses for customer acquisition and why he loves paid advertising.

Grab the Achievers Productivity Sheet which is what Ajit uses to manage 5 business and multiple projects at one time.  We’ve included a bonus video of him explaining the process.

[green-download-area]FREE Bonus:The Achievers Productivity Sheet[/green-download-area]

We’ve Provided the Transcription Directly Below